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How To Attract More (and Better) Leads
How To Attract More (and Better) Leads
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1. Make sure you have visibility in each of your core categories

  • In categories where you offer a standalone product πŸ‘‰ Create profiles to become discoverable in your core categories to start generating leads and visibility

  • In related categories where you don't offer a standalone product πŸ‘‰ Create product modules to gain visibility and be able to generate leads in related categories

2. Collect 25 Reviews to Unlock Matched Leads

HTR guarantees to all hoteliers who take the recommendations quiz and become matched leads that only vendors with a trustworthy profile with at least 25 reviews will be able to connect with them. Matched leads are extremely valuable because they are early on in the purchase journey and starting to build their consideration set so its critical to reach 25 reviews to unlock matched leads as quickly as possible for each of your products that you want to generate leads for.

3. Improve your reputation across key segments to surface higher in relevant searches for your ICP

More than 250k+ hoteliers come to Hotel Tech Report every month to get advice and recommendations about the best tools to run their hotel and grow their business and the entire platform is designed to drive the most value and visibility to the products that come most recommended by hoteliers.

The platform is structured to qualify prospects and match them with the best-fit vendor based on reviews from similar hoteliers (Related: Segment Based Rankings) which is why getting reviews is the key to making sure you get matched with best-fit prospects looking for your solutions. Reviews help you boost your rankings and visibility to get more direct and matched leads. HTR also offers outbound promotional lead gen campaigns.

As you collect reviews from your core segments you'll start ranking higher for hoteliers on the site looking for solutions in your category AND you will generate more direct and matched leads for these segments by ranking higher.

4. Set Your Lead Targeting Criteria

Lead targeting is a way for you to tell the HTR App the types of leads you want to connect with. Enabling Lead Targeting for your target segments will increase your lead volumes (and quality) in two key ways:

  • More Matched Leads: You'll get priority first access to high demand Matched Leads who have more than 5 vendors who want to connect with the lead and were a strong match (more about Matched Leads)

  • More Direct Leads: You'll surface higher for hoteliers that match your Lead Targeting Criteria through the Site Personalization feature

5. Optimize your lead processes

While optimizing your processes won't drive you more leads, it will help you make sure your team is setup for success to maximize the probability of engaging and closing each lead you connect with. Make sure that you check out HTR's Lead Optimization and Best Practices Guide.

6. Upgrade to Premium to unlock boosted visibility in non-ranking based locations throughout the site

The filtered rankings once a user personalizes their recommendations are in no way impacted by membership status to protect the integrity of the site; however, Premium Members do benefit from boosted visibility across non-rankings based locations including default index views on category pages (before users apply their filters) as well as lead forms, alternatives, comparisons and more driving significantly more visibility and leads as one of the many benefits of Premium Membership.

7. Run outbound campaigns via HTR Agency

In addition to organic lead gen on Hotel Tech Report (inbound), HTR also offers outbound performance campaigns to ramp up demand and generate more leads including:

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns: Upload your creative and takeover the exit intent modal on HTR to generate clicks to your website. Run performance based campaigns to drive clicks and traffic to your own landing pages

  • Cost Per Action (CPA) Campaigns: Put your lead gen in autopilot by enlisting HTR to run digital marketing campaigns and generate high intent buyers guide downloads for your category

  • Email Marketing Campaigns: Send dedicated email campaigns to HTR's audience of hyper targeted hotel tech buyers

Still have questions?

Feel free to reach out via the 24/7 on-site live chat to speak with an HTR team member.

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