Hotel Tech Report invests time, money and energy to create demand for your products and services and to ensure alignment and incentives HTR allows each company to only accept leads that are a great fit for your business on a performance basis. For companies who choose to participate in the program, we ask that you follow the simple guidelines below to create a responsive and helpful environment to deliver a great user experience to hoteliers.

Guideline #1: Provide Timely Replies to Hoteliers

As a courtesy to HTR and to hoteliers using the platform who are looking for timely responses to continue their research for hotel tech for their properties, HTR asks that companies who choose to participate in HTR's lead generation program respond to all leads within 72-hours of receiving the lead. This does not mean that you must accept all leads, just that you must accept OR decline all leads (aka. no 'missed leads'). By pressing 'accept' or 'decline' within 72-hours this creates a virtuous cycle ensuring that HTR can: (a) Deliver timely connections and high quality service to hoteliers using the platform (b) Learn over time what leads are a good fit for vendors (c) Connect leads with better matches in a timely manner.

Ignoring or 'missing' leads has a negative impact on the user experience for hoteliers/leads by prolonging followup to their inquiries and has incremental costs to HTR by not being able to make a timely connection and recommendation for the given user that HTR has already invested to attract and generate demand/intent from.

Guideline #2: Maintain a Strong Reputation on the Platform

As advised in HTR's intro to leads (Tips Before Getting Started with Leads), we strongly advise against companies who do not have a strong reputation for their products on the Hotel Tech Report platform from utilizing the lead generation program both for direct and matched leads (Direct vs. Matched Leads) but especially matches and in-fact, you will not be able to connect with Matched Leads without a minimum trustworthy profile.

While the HTR lead gen program is built to enable HTR to take on the risk of building demand for your products and generating leads on a fully performance basis, the way we do this is by leveraging the voice of your customers, social proof and reputation on the platform to make recommendations and drive visibility to your products. The entire HTR platform is built to drive more visibility, demand and leads for vendors with strong reputations so it is critical to first and foremost make sure that you have a strong baseline reputation on the platform (Review Collection Starter Kit).

Therefore, prior to engaging with the lead generation program we recommend meeting the following criteria of (1) having at least 25 verified reviews (2) HT Score >85 (3) Likelihood to Recommend > 90% and (4) being ranked in the top 10 in your respective categories. This criteria is also a minimum requirement to be eligible for the money-back guarantee as well as lead credit refunds.

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