Lead Instant Connect is a feature that allows you to set criteria for the types of leads that you want to target so that they'll get instantly accepted and forwarded into your CRM for immediate followup without delays or the need to manually check the dashboard.

Instant Connect comes packed with benefits including:

  1. ⚡️Get priority first access: Get priority first access to matched leads that meet your Instant Connect criteria so you never miss a lead, and are always the first to follow-up.

  2. Reduce time-to-acceptance: Instant Connect allows you to reduce your time-to-acceptance which in turn reduces your time-to-followup getting leads you want into your followup sequence without delays.

  3. 📈 Boost success rates & ROI: Time-to-followup is directly correlated with your success rates. Instant Connect dramatically improves your success rates and ROI by reducing your time-to-followup.

  4. 💸 Save money: All Instant Connect leads benefit from an additional IC discount so the more leads you accept with Instant Connect, the more you save.

Tutorial Part I: How it Works

Tutorial Part II: How to Optimize Your Lead Process

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