Part IV: Setup Your MQL Lead Funnel
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First and foremost, head to your Lead Inbox to make sure you don't have any pending leads that are waiting for you to reach out.

As a Premium Member you get several perks to help you generate more leads including: (lead gen benefits shown here in your membership portal):

  • Lead credit. Get hundreds of dollars in lead credit included with membership

  • 2x Leads. Get 50% off all leads (which means you get twice as many leads for the same price)

  • Boosted visibility. Boosted visibility in all non-rankings based locations throughout the site to generate more visibility and leads

While your new membership contains thousands of dollars in benefits with things like upgrade profiles, automated review collection, entry into the HotelTechAwards, press releases, case studies and more--ultimately the way to tangibly track ROI is through the inbound leads that you generate via the Lead Inbox.

To maximize platform ROI, you have two key objectives:

  1. Maximize top of funnel volume: In the first 3-parts of this series we talked about listing your products, collecting reviews and posting content--these are the ways to drive more visibility and attract more leads/MQLs into your HTR marketing funnel.

  2. Maximize bottom of funnel conversion: Its always great to get new leads, but the reality is that if you aren't following up appropriately and following best practices you risk not being able to convert those leads into closed deals. This is why it's absolutely critical to follow our 3-step guide to optimize your lead followup

3-Step Guide to Optimizing Your Lead Followup

Note: This is something we will cover in more detail on your new member onboarding call along with HTR's 👉 Guide to Optimizing Your Followup Process

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