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What Are 'Direct' vs. 'Matched' Leads?
What Are 'Direct' vs. 'Matched' Leads?
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Hotel Tech Report offers two types of leads: 

  1. Direct leads: These are leads that go to your profile and directly/explicitly submit an inquiry (eg. price quote, demo, reference request, etc)

  2. Matched leads: Hoteliers who haven't asked to connect explicitly with your company, but have told Hotel Tech Report their criteria and requirements and we match them with top rated vendors based on review data in the platform (eg. if they are a 200-room boutique hotel in Paris looking for Guest Messaging Software, they get matched with Guest Messaging vendors who have the best reviews from European boutiques) (Related article: How to followup with matched leads)

All leads have been fully verified and qualified:

  1. Pre-qualified nature of site traffic: Hotel tech isn't a fun hobby and we don't offer click bait content.  All users on hotel tech report are hoteliers researching technology

  2. Rich qualifying details: Rich details including job title, hotel type, size, location and purchase journey insights are offered for all leads so vendors can decide if the lead looks like a good fit for their business before accepting the introduction

  3. Verified contact info: In order to submit their request, all leads are required to verify their contact information by clicking a verification link sent to their email.  If they don't verify, their request isn't processed and they won't appear in your dashboard.

  4. Verified identity as a hotelier: After leads have placed their request and verified their contact info, ALL leads are manually screened by Hotel Tech Report and have been verified as a current employee at the hotel company in which they stated that they work at when they placed the request.

  5. In-market: For a matched lead to be sent to your dashboard for purchase, they must have explicitly stated they are in the market for the respective category of software in the next 12-months (shown here)

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