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Lead Refunds & Money-Back Guarantee
Lead Refunds & Money-Back Guarantee

Refund process and policy for HTR leads that you already have in your CRM.

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1. Lead Guarantee Overview

Hotel Tech Report ensures that all leads are 100% qualified and verified for both direct leads and matched leads. Each lead is guaranteed to meet the following criteria (more detail below):

  1. πŸ›’ Explicit Purchase Intent

  2. 🎯 More than a Dozen Qualifying Details

  3. βœ‰οΈ At Least One Source of Verified Contact Info (either email OR phone #)

  4. πŸ”Ž Manual HTR Diligence

  5. 🧲 Incremental Demand

Leads are an on-demand performance based marketing solution which means:

  • βœ… No Upfront Cost: We do the work to attract the user and create demand without any upfront payment

  • βœ… Total Control: You can choose to accept/reject any lead we send you giving you full control to only accept leads that look like a good fit for your business

  • βœ… Incremental Business: We guarantee that each lead we send you is new demand that we created (ie. incremental demand) for you and therefore any leads you accept already in your pipeline are eligible for a 100% money-back guarantee

Each lead that is sent to your dashboard is guaranteed to have passed the following standards:

  1. πŸ›’ Purchase Intent: All direct leads have expressed explicit intent for your company's products and matched leads have expressed explicit intent for one of your company's product categories

  2. 🎯 Qualifying Details: All leads include qualifying details beyond pre-qualification of being on the site by completing over a dozen form fields including: first name, last name, professional email address, job title, company website, hotel, # of rooms, region, city, state, country, type of property, category of interest

  3. βœ‰οΈ Verified Contact Info: Before a lead is approved to be sent to your dashboard, the user must click a verification link to ensure their contact info is valid and in use. HTR guarantees one verified form of contact info. Learn more about contact info verification

  4. πŸ”Ž Manual Diligence+Enrichment: The HTR team manually reviews each lead after contact info has been verified to ensure that the user is who they say they are. During this diligence we also enrich the lead with additional information that can be found including public sources verifying the user and Linkedin profile

  5. 🧲 New Demand Created by HTR: We guarantee that each lead we send you is new demand that we created (ie. incremental demand) for you and therefore any leads you accept already in your pipeline are eligible for a 100% money-back guarantee

What counts as eligible for a refund:



Incorrect Details

If any of the lead details provided are not correct

βœ… Eligible

Invalid Contact Info

If the contact information is not invalid

βœ… Eligible

Unserviceable Brand

If the lead is at a brand you cannot service but you couldn't see the brand prior to accepting the lead (since hotel/company is only revealed after accepting)

βœ… Eligible

Existing Customer Churn Alert

If you accept a matched lead that is an existing customer, this qualifies as a churn alert which helps you identify existing customers who are shopping around to help prevent churn so it is not eligible for a full refund but it is eligible for a partial refund of 50% if proper evidence is submitted via the refund form.

βšͺ️ Partial Refund


Once a lead has been qualified, verified and vetted by our team and passed to your dashboard it is up to your team to craft timely, compelling and engaging outreach and followup to engage the lead. Once the lead has passed our qualification and verification criteria it is up to you to engage them (Tips to improve your success rates)

🚫 Not eligible

Change of heart

We provide all of the qualifying details and verify the user and offer this to you all prior to accepting the lead as a courtesy to ensure that you only connect with leads that are a good fit for your business. Once you have accepted a lead and seen the contact information and hotel there are no refunds

🚫 Not eligible

2. Refund Eligibility Criteria

  1. The lead must meet the above refund eligibility criteria

  2. You must meet one of the below criteria to ensure that you are providing timely and responsive service to hoteliers requesting information on HTR:

    1. Accepted the lead via Instant Connect

    2. Have <1 hour average acceptance time AND <1 hour acceptance time on the lead that you are requesting a refund for (both of these metrics can be found in the lead inbox of your dashboard)

  3. Your company must be responsive to users who place request and in good standing with HTR's lead program guidelines

3. Submitting a Refund Request

Click the button below to request a refund for eligible leads

Note: Please make sure your lead is eligible for a refund per the criteria below prior to submitting a refund request to avoid penalties on your account

What is required in the refund request submission?

Screenshot Submission

You must provide a screenshot showing the time stamp and source with which the user entered your CRM

Source Restrictions

The lead must have entered your CRM with a direct inquiry (ie. website demo request, phone call, etc.). Email newsletter signups, webinars and other cold marketing outreach sources are not direct product purchase intent and therefore these are not considered leads.

Active/Engaged Lead

The refund must be placed within 2-weeks of accepting the lead. The lead must have entered your CRM (via direct demo/price quote inquiry) more than 24-hours prior to the lead connection on Hotel Tech Report and must be actively engaged within the last 30-days.

What are the requirements for a lead to be eligible for a refund?

Generally speaking, leads are eligible for a refund if (a) your sales team has active intelligence of purchase intent AND (b) the lead is currently in an active deal cycle with your team. Below are the 4 requirements that must be met and verified by your submission for a lead to qualify for a refund:

Attribution Verification

The lead must have entered your CRM (via direct inquiry) more than 24-hours prior to the lead connection on Hotel Tech Report.

Active/Engaged Lead Verification

The lead must be actively engaged by your sales team meaning the date of last inbound activity from the lead must be within 30-days of your refund request showing that this lead is actively engaged in the sales process prior to receiving purchase intent lead intelligence from HTR.

Buying Intent Verification

The lead and verification screenshot must show clear purchase intent (eg. demo booked, asked for more information, etc). Purchased email lists and cold outreach do not qualify as purchase intent and are therefore not eligible for refunds.

Minimum Profile Requirements

As advised in Tips Before Getting Started with Lead Generation on Hotel Tech Report, we strongly advise against accepting and connecting with any leads until you have (a) at least 25 reviews and (b) an average likelihood to recommend rating from users of at least 80%. If you do not meet these minimum criteria and choose to accept leads these leads will not be eligible for a refund under any circumstances.

4. FAQs

FAQ #1: What if I received a matched lead that is already a client of ours, does this qualify for a refund?

Leads can deliver value in different ways and its important to remember that all leads have explicitly (a) given us their requirements and (b) explicitly stated that they are in the market in the next 12-months looking for your category of solution. Therefore, if a current client of yours becomes a matched lead, this is an early warning indicator that this client is actively researching and vetting other solutions providers. Therefore, while a different use case for matched leads than attracting a new client, this lead is still valuable in terms of getting early warning of potential churn which can in many ways be just as valuable or more valuable than a new lead since you are already installed. For this reason, matched leads that are existing customers since they are still leads (ie. an active prospect searching for a solution); however, the way you approach this lead should be more subtle and strategic as a result (advice below).

If this happens, we advise actioning your customer success team to escalate their engagement and vigilance over this customer in a subtle way without letting them know that you know they are seeking out alternative solutions. Your goal is to figure out what their issues are, why they are looking for other solutions and solve them quickly before they churn. Subtly and tact are critical in this process. If you express to them that you know they were snooping around and researching other vendors, you (a) risk putting them on the defensive and (b) lose your tactical advantage of knowing without them knowing.

FAQ #2: What if a lead connected with us on HTR and then directly on our website? (explanation of why + real world example)

This lead wouldn't meet our refund criteria since first attribution was on HTR (ie. the lead found your product on HTR first so we created the demand/interest for your product).

Refunds are for any demand that we didn't do the work to create
Our refund policy terms in essence function on an attribution basis where any leads you acquired and engaged on your own without HTR's assistance, we certainly don't want you paying for and will always refund. On the other hand any leads where our investment in creating demand and generating leads that you didn't have previously (ie. new demand), we are able to be compensated on a performance basis which keeps us incentivized to keep driving demand to your products through investments in product, content and marketing so that instead of you investing in those things, you rely on HTR to bringing down your acquisition costs and you only pay for performance/results (ie. leads that a) we created the demand for and b) of those, you can select only the ones you are interested in). Here is an example of a lead refund that wasn't eligible because first attribution for this lead is actually on HTR where they first discovered this company via our recommendations quiz:

In this example, there was a slight delay before it hit the vendor's dashboard which is why the hotelier went to the vendor's website
We want to make sure all leads are verified and qualified so since this lead was flagged for an invalid hotel email domain, it didn't get sent to the vendor's dashboard right away because it was being manually investigated and qualified to save the vendor time doing so and to ensure that it was a high quality lead since it was not a valid hotel email. Obviously for HTR, we wouldn't be incentivized to invest in the manual verification processes if they put us at risk of the lead going to the vendor's website directly because of the delay (this is the crux of why the refund policy is based on first attribution).

In this real example, you can see here the final stage of this particular lead's verification investigation, below is the final verification so you can the work we do to make sure all leads we generate for you are verified and vetted before you ever see them in your dashboard and in this case we gathered employment information, project information as well as physical proof of their business card).

FAQ #3: Why is timely service a requirement to for vendors to earn eligibility for the money-back guarantee?

As noted in the refund eligibility criteria above, in order to be eligible for the money-back guarantee vendors must meet one of the below criteria:

  1. Accepted the lead via Instant Connect

  2. Have <1 hour average acceptance time AND <1 hour acceptance time on the lead that you are requesting a refund for (both of these metrics can be found in the lead inbox of your dashboard)

This policy is designed to ensure the best possible marketplace experience for hoteliers by incentivizing vendors to provide timely follow-up which in turn improves success rates for those vendors.

πŸ’‘ TIP: If you're new to accepting leads on Hotel Tech Report, please make sure to check out these two critical guides to make sure your company is setup for success:

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