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Same Day Lead Attribution Policy
Same Day Lead Attribution Policy

Why aren't leads who converted on your website within 24-hours of converting on HTR eligible for a refund?

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HTR's guarantee and promise to clients is that all leads will be incremental business and demand created by HTR. In short the refund policy guarantees 3-things:

  • βœ… Leads will only be hoteliers that HTR introduces to your products

  • βœ… Leads will only be incremental business generated by HTR (that wasn't already actively engaged by your team previously)

  • βœ… IF for some reason you end up purchasing a lead that didn't meet a and b, then we'll refund you fully to make sure we meet our promise

What is the 24-hour first attribution rule and why is it in place?

If a lead was actively engaged by your team and HTR didn't introduce your products to the lead, your team will obviously have contact and expressed intent prior to the lead being converted on HTR.

That said, the reason the 24-hour first attribution rule is in place is that when a lead converts on HTR, we provide 3 key benefits to vendors that cause a slight delay from the time that they convert to the time that they appear in your dashboard which are outlined below.

Without the 24-hour rule, HTR would be penalized potentially for 3 vendor benefits that we have in place to ensure quality and save vendors time which each cause a slight delay/lag from (a) the time a lead is captured to the time it appears in your dashboard and (b) the time a lead appears in your dashboard to the time you purchase the lead.

These are the 3-benefits that cause a slight delay which is why the 24-hour first attribution rule is in place:


HTR Process

Why the Process Exists

πŸ’Œ Contact verification & double opt-in

We require all users to verify their contact info before they can become a lead that we will ever present to our clients

To remove this lag we'd have to send leads to clients without contact verification which would mean buying leads without verified contact info and double opt in. Lead quality and verification is our top priority so we chose to verify all leads instead

πŸ”Ž All leads are manually researched to ensure quality

Even after a lead has verified their contact information they will not show up in your vendor dashboard yet. Instead, they get dropped into HTR's process where we manually research each lead to make sure they are legitimate high quality leads and we also enrich with additional info like Linkedin URL if there is anything we can dig up to add more context and further verify the user.

To remove this lag, HTR would have to remove the manual research and vetting process for leads and instead send leads right to vendor dashboards with no further diligence, vetting or enrichment. In theory this would save HTR time and money but it would decrease the quality of leads that are sent to clients (and increase time required for vendors to vet leads) which we value above all else

βš–οΈ Vendor choice

We know that every vendor has specific criteria, goals and target customers that are nuanced for their businesses which is why we allow vendors to see all details of a lead before accepting them. The downside is that this causes a lag between the time we capture a lead and the time vendor's purchase a lead where a lead can slip over to a vendor's website.

To remove this lag, HTR would have to force vendors to auto-accept all leads to make sure there is no lag between the time we send the lead to your dashboard and the time you accept that lead. In theory this would be better for HTR financially but we'd prefer to give clients the power to choose to make sure every lead is a lead that is a great lead for your business that you truly value.


HTR's top priority is ensuring that we serve as a platform that helps you build your brand and grow your install base and in exchange for investing in driving awareness and business we ask to be compensated via a nominal fee for new business we drive you providing turnkey lead generation performance marketing solutions that align our incentives. While we will always guarantee that we will never charge for existing demand you have generated without our assistance, we ask that vendors who wish to participate in our lead gen services acknowledge when this demand was created by us and ensure that we are fairly compensated for it via the nominal CPL (cost-per-lead) model.

  • What we deliver: Qualified, verified leads that are only incremental for your business and generated by HTR

  • What we ask: Vendors who participate in lead generation be transparent and honest about when demand was created and if first attribution is with HTR, that we are compensated via the CPL

​If you haven't already please make sure that you have checked out HTR's Lead Refunds & Money-Back Guarantee.

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