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Why Reviews Are So Important
Why Reviews Are So Important
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Whether you're just getting started or you are launching a new product profile, its important to remember that the entire Hotel Tech Report platform is designed to drive the most value and visibility to the products and companies who come most recommended by hoteliers.

That's why ultimately reviews are the single most important factor to organically build your brand over time, improve your online reputation and attract more leads.

Once you establish a strong reputation and are ranking at least in the top 10 in your core categories (ideally top 3 or top 5 to maximize visibility) you'll begin to generate more visibility and leads on the platform.

How Collecting Reviews Drives You More Visibility & Lead

As you gather more reviews and improve your reputation it will:

How Reviews Impact Inbound Leads & Visibility

Until you have a strong baseline reputation and are ranking well within your respective categories for your target segments, it will be unlikely that buyers will discover your profiles. While you may connect with the occasional lead here and there, you'll be missing out on a majority of the opportunities to connect with hoteliers and build your brand with Hotel Tech Report's audience of 250+ monthly hoteliers.

How Reviews Also Impact Outbound + Sales Enablement

Not only does your reputation have a direct correlation with your inbound visibility and lead volumes through the HTR App Store, but it also impacts your team's ability to leverage HTR as a sales enablement tool in your outbound to build trust with prospects and stand out from the competition in your outbound prospecting, sales pitches and marketing collateral.

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