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Improving Your Rankings with the Reputation Report Card
Improving Your Rankings with the Reputation Report Card
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The Reputation Report Card + Coaching Checklist is an internally facing tool (ie only you can see it) that is designed to help your team assess your reputation and presence on HTR as well as provide real time actionable coaching tips (sorted by impact) to help you improve your presence, visibility and lead volumes on HTR.

  • If you just want the basics...Head to your vendor dashboard to access your Reputation Report Card to get quick tips to improve your rankings and reputation and/or check out some of the basic key ranking principals below

  • If you want to dive deeper...Check out HTR's in-depth guide that goes in detail through dynamics, variables, and alert tips

Basic Concepts to Improve Your HT Score

The HT Score is quite complex and includes lots of dynamic variables that calculate across millions of proprietary and 3rd party data points in near real time--but the core concepts to understand how to optimize your presence are simple. Below we've outlined some of these key concepts to help you understand how the HTScore compares products along key criteria:

βœ… Good

🚫 Bad


Make sure you've met the category benchmark for # of reviews

βœ… Get enough reviews to be above the category review count benchmark

🚫 Insufficient review quantity to be compared amongst top rated providers in the category


Maintain high client satisfaction scores

βœ… Maintain high average customer ratings and satisfaction scores

🚫 Low average customer satisfaction and ratings


Make sure you have recent reviews

βœ… Showcase lots of recent reviews and customer feedback on your profiles that is reflective of the current product experience and customer relationships.

🚫 Few or no recent reviews with most reviews from a long time ago making it difficult for prospects to learn about the current user experience.


Don't cherry pick your reviewers

βœ… Collect reviews from a wide array of customers that provides a representative and unbiased sample.

🚫 Collect lots of reviews from only a handful of customers that isn't representative of your overall customer base and indicates potential risk of bias.


Get recommended by integration partners and industry consultants

βœ… Integration partners and industry consultants are critical industry stakeholders who deeply understand the value your company and products bring to hoteliers. For this reason, partner recommendations are critical to optimizing your rankings

🚫 No integration partners or industry consultants recommend your products and services


Implement customer centric feedback collection processes

βœ… Create a sustainable process to regularly collect reviews organically and steadily showing that customer feedback is at the heart of your organizational processes and that hoteliers aren't pressured to leave reviews.

🚫 All of your reviews are collected within a short period of time indicating that feedback collection is not part of your team's internal processes and that hoteliers may have been bombarded with requests creating a stressful experience for users that can lead to bias and frustration.


Make sure you have 5+ reviews from each of your core regions and countries to expand your geographic reach points

βœ… Collect reviews from customers in each of the key regions and countries that you serve geographically to increase chances of having strong customer feedback that is relevant to HTR's global audience of hoteliers.

🚫 Collect reviews from hoteliers in a single geography which signals to the algorithm that you are a regional provider that may not be able to service many of HTR's global audience of hoteliers.


List and verify all of your available integrations

βœ… List and verify all of your integrations and collect recommendations from lots of your partners to show that your product and team are highly interoperable and come highly recommended by other top partners in the global ecosystem.

🚫 Only list and verify a few of your integrations and have minimal recommendations from other vendors in the community indicating to the algorithm and buyers that your company may be fairly nascent in the market and lacks a strong partner ecosystem.

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