Premium Profile Exclusive Benefits

  • Upgrade your company's profiles and turn them into your best sales collateral

  • Differentiate from the competition with enhanced content

  • Present your company to prospects with more social proof

  • Leverage your profiles in sales outreach to build instant credibility with prospects

  • Improve your reputation and mitigate bad reviews by responding to reviews

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I. Remove Ads, Competitors & Comparisons

  • Remove Ads: Once you upgrade ads are immediately removed from your profiles making sure that all the focus stays on your product, brand and story.

  • Remove Alternatives and Comparisons: Remove competitors and comparisons from your profile to ensure prospects stay focused on your solution.  

  • Remove Guides & Quiz: Buyer's guide and quiz promotion are removed from your profile to keep prospects focused on your brand and increase conversion.

II. Cross-Promote Your Products & Services

  • Cross-Promote Your Other Products: Promote your other products and display your HotelTechAwards on your profile. 

III. Custom Branding & Social Proof

  • Custom branded profile banners View example

  • Custom branded integrations partner marketplace banner View example

  • What customers love section: Highlight the authentic voice of your customers and show prospects what they love most about partnering with you

  • Awards & Certifications: Show off your awards and certifications prominently and proudly to enhance your profiles.

  • Featured brands: Leverage brand associations to elevate your brand by displaying the logos of your most respected partners front and center.

  • References & Testimonials: Showcase reference customer testimonials to build rapport.

  • Targeted case studies: Feature case studies for each key property type to help buyers easily find information that's relevant to them to increase buyer intent

IV. Promote Your Content

Premium Members benefit from being able to showcase branded content on your profiles to help tell your unique story to prospects and capture buyer intent:

  • Recent Article Mentions: Instead of featuring articles in your category, your premium upgraded profiles showcase the latest stories that mention you.

  • Press Releases & News: Instead of featuring the latest press releases and updates in your category, your premium profiles highlight your recent press releases, news and product updates to make sure prospects know about your latest and greatest. (Not sure how to take advantage of unlimited free press release posting for premium members? Learn more)

  • Demo Video: Upload a gated demo video to your profile to capture more downloads

  • Hosted Reports: Boost the reach of your content and educate in market buyers by uploading your reports via the vendor dashboard for them to be promoted on the home page, resources library and on your profiles. Each report is gated and downloads automatically appear in the downloads tab of the vendor dashboard with opt-in received for you to nurture and add to your email list.

V. And more...

  • Website Backlink: Backlink from your Hotel Tech Report to improve your SEO.  

  • Reference Request CTA: Add another CTA to your profiles to enable users to request a reference adding another way for you to capture leads.

  • Respond to Reviews: Recover from negative reviews and show prospects you care by responding to reviews right from your profile.

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