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  • What. Post press releases via the posting tab in the vendor dashboard

  • Why. Share your companies news, announcements and updates. Press releases get syndicated to profiles, the PR newswire, social channels, relevant pages throughout the site and featured in HTR's monthly newsletter, theRewind, that goes out to 50k hoteliers

  • Cost. Premium Members get thousands of dollars in posting credits included with membership (view benefits) that can be used towards press release posting. Basic/freemium members can purchase a la carte posting credits via the vendor dashboard (Basic Member cost = $200/press release)

1. How to Post a Release

Head to your vendor dashboard and click on posting > press releases > Post a press release:

**Please carefully read the posting instructions before submission. Each vendor will receive 2 refunds per year for content submitted that does not meet guidelines. Request a refund for rejected content here

2. Best Practices

The best way to maximize your visibility is to diversify your posting, both in terms of the types of posts and when you post:

βœ… DO...Post at a semi-regular cadence (recommended 1-2x per month)

❌ DON'T...Don't post a bunch of press releases all at once

How to Maximize Your Visibility

We recommend posting at least 1x press release/month (and no more than 2x/month) to make sure that you're getting featured consistently throughout the site, in the monthly newsletter (goes out to 50k hoteliers) as well as via HTR's social channels to to maximize your visibility year-round and reach more in-market buyers.

3. Examples & Inspiration

Below are a few examples of the types of updates that members usually post press releases about. πŸ‘‰ Click here to view all recent press releases

4. Promotion & Syndication

Similar to all other types of posting, press releases are syndicated to thousands of pages throughout the site (ex. newswire, site-wide news ticker, profiles, category pages, etc) a well as via HTR's social channels and monthly newsletter that goes out to 50k hoteliers each month.

FAQ: Does HTR syndicate to 3rd party sites?

We don't syndicate to 3rd parties.

FAQ: Should I also post my press releases to other 3rd party PR newswires?

You absolutely can; however, the purpose of newswires is typically to get picked up by mainstream media coverage. That said, unless you are announcing a major funding round or mainstream media 'buzz worthy' milestone--typically mainstream media will not pick up hotel tech (and most B2B) news and announcements. For that reason it typically doesn't make sense to pay hundreds of dollars to post press releases on other PR newswires when the only media platform that will likely pick up the story (and has a relevant/targeted hotel tech buyer audience) is HTR and you can just post for free right from your dashboard.

5. Posting Guidelines

If the content is in minor violation of the below standards, our team will edit, moderate and publish without notice. If a piece of content is a major violation, our team will reject the post and send a notification email.



No blog posts

Blog post syndication is strictly prohibited. Content that is considered a "blog article" must be submitted as a guest post

No embedded links

No links, email addresses, or phone numbers permitted in the article body or company boilerplate

No promo text

No promotional text permitted (e.g. "call us here", "write us an email", etc.)

No old content

Content must be posted within 7-days of its initial announcement to be accepted to the PR newswire.

Max 1/week

No more than 1 x post per week per vendor

Minimum length

Must be more than 500 words


Must give full context to readers about the news

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