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1. What is a Guest Post

Guest Posting is the ability to publish your own content to HTR's blog in order to build your brand as a thought leader and boost your content's visibility to HTR's audience of 170k+ monthly hoteliers. Here are three examples of guest posts:

**Please carefully read the posting instructions before submission. Each vendor will receive 2 refunds per year for content submitted that does not meet guidelines. Request a refund for rejected content here

2. How to Submit a Guest Post

Head to your company's vendor dashboard and navigate to Content-->Guest Posting and click the green 'Contribute Guest Post' button.

3. How Much Does Guest Posting Cost

Guest Post pricing varies based on whether you are a Premium or Basic Member and you will be able to see pricing right in your dashboard on the Guest Posting tab (shown here) or via the Credits Menu.

  • Basic Members (10 post credits): Add post credits to your account via the dashboard that can be used towards guest posting.

  • Premium Members (Included + 5 post credits per additional post): Guest Posting is included with all membership plans (amount varies by plan) and members also get discounted pricing on additional guest posts (50% discount)

Basic Members

Premium Members

✍️ Guest Post

10 post credits

5 post credits

4. Guest Posting Content Guidelines

Guest Posts are a a thought leadership or opinion piece written by your company that is not overly promotional in nature. HTR offers the opportunity for vendors to submit content to be syndicated on Hotel Tech Report but it must meet our guidelines including:

  1. UNIQUE: Content must be unique/original and not re-posted/re-cycled

  2. EDUCATIONAL: Content must be useful to buyers and educational

  3. NON-PROMOTIONAL: Content must benefit users and not be overly promotional of your specific products or services

If your content meets these requirements and you would like to submit a post--you can do so by submitting via the vendor dashboard.


  • Fresh and unique content that has not been published on other resources. No duplicative, spun, or syndicated content. If it's published elsewhere online it will not be accepted.

  • Well-researched and fully supported article — with examples, screenshots, and graphics.

  • Authoritative content written by a person who knows the subject well.

  • Article which offers a valid solution to a pain point of the audience (hoteliers).

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  • Links to credible sources — these must be original sources rather than the sources that quote the original ones — with relevant data that back up your arguments and help you explain the topic.

  • All data and claims must be substantiated by publicly available research and common knowledge.

  • Evergreen content that helps hoteliers learn new tech strategies and tactics


  • Vendor name in the headline

  • Images with vendor logos will be deleted or edited prior to publication

  • Vague claims e.g. "personalization improves the guest experience"

  • Hyperbole such as: market leading, industry first, groundbreaking, pioneering, etc.

  • News such as surface level market data (please remember hoteliers come to HotelTechReport to learn about hotel technology - not to read about RevPARs this month)

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  • Article's that don't discuss hotel technology or strategy

  • Article describes obvious things, abstract subjects, and generally known facts.

  • Topic is already covered in our blog.

  • Article is overly self-promotional — advertisement for a service, a brand, or a product.

  • More than two links back to the author’s website within the copy. Backlinks must go to editorial or data pages and cannot be promotional links (i.e. linking to product pages). All vendor links must add value for users by providing access to more detailed information or substantiating data. Product page links will be removed or replaced prior to publication at HTR's discretion.

  • Stock images

✍️ Additional Details

  • Minimum Length: Minimum 700 words

  • Formatting & fonts: Must click "clear formatting" prior to submission. Fonts, colors, and styling must be consistent with HTR blog. All subheaders must be H2s, no H3s allowed. Title must have the first letter of each word in all caps.

  • Citations: Links only accepted when tied to data, statistics and quotes

  • Moderator Approval: Content must be approved by HTR Editorial per the guidelines above and HTR reserves the right to edit out overly promotional content or unsubstantiated claims.

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  • 2-Week Exclusivity: Must be exclusive to Hotel Tech Report for 2-weeks and any republication must link back to original posting on HTR.

  • Backlinking: Maximum of 2 links to the author's website will be accepted.

  • Article Share Image: No brand logos in share image. HTR retains the right to alter the share image in order to maintain visual branding identity of our website and social media presence.

  • Title & Headers: Article title and all H2s/sub-headers must have the first letter of each word capitalized. No one word headers (e.g. 'Guest Experience') - headers must me informative to readers.

  • No first person or passive voice: No "I", "we", "us", etc.

  • In-Article Imagery & Graphics: No explicit logos allowed in images. Product screenshots are okay if they are relevant for the subject matter. All images must be high resolution and text free. Maximum size of 200kb/image. All images must be 1200 x 627 and have clean well designated borders (may not have white space around the outside). Images must relate to the article (e.g. a stock image of people shaking hands would not be accepted).

  • Right to edit: HTR reserves the right to edit all guest post content to meet our editorial style and guidelines.

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