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Global Customer Support Certification (GCSC) Announcement Checklist
Global Customer Support Certification (GCSC) Announcement Checklist
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This article outlines 3 ways to maximize the impact of your certification to build rapport with prospects and close more deals

Step 1: How to inform your team to maximize impact
Step 2: Prepare your team in advance of your public announcement
Step 3: Leverage your certification to enable your sales and marketing teams

For more information on the Certification head to the GCSC website or apply to get certified.

Step 1: How to inform, educate and congratulate your team about your certification

Your team has worked hard investing valuable time, energy and resources into developing scalable processes ensure that your clients are satisfied.  The first step is to congratulate and notify your team internally.  At the bottom of this article is a templated message you can copy/paste to save time that you can send your team via internal Slack thread or email.

Step 2: How to announce your certification to maximize impact

  1. Post on social media: Share your link on your social and encourage your team to do the same.  The more likes, posts and shares you get the more visibility to the extended hospitality community you'll be able to garner and your team is the key.

  2. Send an update email to clients: Build rapport with clients and remind them they made a great decision by sending an update email thanking clients for sharing their feedback to help you earn the certification and link to the full release on HTR

  3. Post an article to your blog: To add some fresh content to your blog, HTR allows certified vendors to post the first two paragraphs of your release to your blog along with your share graphics as long as you include a link to 'Read the full announcement on Hotel Tech Report' that links to your article.

  4. Post a press release: In addition to HTR's press release post a release on other industry newswires to spread the word in more places.

Step 3: How to leverage your Certification to enable your sales and marketing teams

  1. Add the badge to your website: Leverage your badge on your home page and conversion pages for added social proof to increase conversion

  2. Add social proof to your sales decks: Add your digital certificate and badge to your team's sales decks to show prospects you deliver and close deals faster

  3. Distribute your email footer: Syndicate the provided email footer to your sales team to build rapport with prospects and stand out from the competition

Internal team announcement template

"Hi team--

I'm proud to announce that our team's hard work and constant effort to deliver great service to our clients is paying off and we have earned Hotel Tech Report's Global Customer Support Certification (GCSC).  I want to congratulate our whole team on this monumental achievement and for always keeping our customers as the #1 priority.  I especially want to recognize (INSERT SUPPORT TEAM LEADER) and the rest of the support team for making this happen.

Not only is this a great milestone in the history of our company and team internally, but I encourage everyone to spread the word the social media, your email footers, marketing collateral and in sales decks to leverage this achievement to its full potential and show the market that we don't just say we put customers first, but we back it up.

If you have any questions about the support certification or want any of the assets to leverage in your decks, emails and collateral reach out and we'll make sure to get them over to you.

For more information on the support certification you can check out:

To access the announcement you can click on the badge on our Hotel Tech Report profiles and here is a share link for you to use to spread the word to your networks: (INSERT SHARE LINK)

Certification Assets

Once certified, your company will receive the following assets:

  1. Announcement press release provided by Hotel Tech Report (view sample)

  2. GCSC Digital Certificate (view sample)

  3. Official Certification Badge (view sample)

  4. Social share graphic (view sample)

  5. Sales enablement email footer (view sample)

  6. Badge activated on Hotel Tech Report (view sample)

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