Hotel Tech Report ensures that all leads are 100% qualified and verified for both direct leads and matched leads.  This means that we have both verified the user's identity as a hotelier and we have also verified their contact information.

If you purchase a lead but find that this lead is already actively engaged in a deal cycle with your sales team, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee (we don't want you paying for leads that you already have ūüėČ).

Click the button below to submit a lead refund request: 

What is required in the refund request submission?

  1. Screenshot Submission: You must provide a screenshot showing the time stamp and source with which the user entered your CRM
  2. Source Restrictions: The lead must have entered your CRM with a direct inquiry (ie. website demo request, phone call, etc.).  Email newsletter signups, webinars and other cold marketing outreach sources are not direct product purchase intent and therefore these are not considered leads.
  3. Active/Engaged Lead: The lead must have entered your CRM (via direct inquiry) more than 24-hours prior to the lead connection on Hotel Tech Report and no more than 30-days ago.  

What are the requirements for a lead to be eligible for a refund?

Generally speaking, leads are eligible for a refund if (a) your sales team has active intelligence of purchase intent AND (b) the lead is currently in an active deal cycle with your team.

Below are the 3 requirements that must be met and verified by your submission for a lead to qualify for a refund:

  1. Attribution Verification: The lead must have entered your CRM (via direct inquiry) more than 24-hours prior to the lead connection on Hotel Tech Report.
  2. Active/Engaged Lead Verification: The lead must be actively engaged by your sales team meaning the date of last inbound activity from the lead must be within 30-days of your refund request showing that this lead is actively engaged in the sales process prior to receiving purchase intent lead intelligence from HTR.
  3. Buying Intent Verification: The lead and verification screenshot must show clear purchase intent (eg. demo booked, asked for more information, etc).  Purchased email lists and cold outreach do not qualify as purchase intent and are therefore not eligible for refunds.
  4. Minimum Profile Requirements: As advised in Tips Before Getting Started with Lead Generation on Hotel Tech Report, we strongly advise against accepting and connecting with any matched leads until you have (a) at least 25 reviews and (b) an average likelihood to recommend rating from users of at least 80%.  If you do not meet these minimum criteria and choose to accept leads these leads will not be eligible for a refund under any circumstances.

What if I received a matched lead that is already a client of ours, does this qualify for a refund?

Leads can deliver value in different ways and its important to remember that all leads have explicitly (a) given us their requirements and (b) explicitly stated that they are in the market in the next 12-months looking for your category of solution.  Therefore, if a current client of yours becomes a matched lead, this is an early warning indicator that this client is actively researching and vetting other solutions providers.  Therefore, while a different use case for matched leads than attracting a new client, this lead is still valuable in terms of getting early warning of potential churn which can in many ways be just as valuable or more valuable than a new lead since you are already installed.  For this reason, matched leads that are existing customers since they are still leads (ie. an active prospect searching for a solution); however, the way you approach this lead should be more subtle and strategic as a result (advice below).

If this happens, we advise actioning your customer success team to escalate their engagement and vigilance over this customer in a subtle way without letting them know that you know they are seeking out alternative solutions.  Your goal is to figure out what their issues are, why they are looking for other solutions and solve them quickly before they churn.  Subtly and tact are critical in this process.  If you express to them that you know they were snooping around and researching other vendors, you (a) risk putting them on the defensive and (b) lose your tactical advantage of knowing without them knowing.

ūüí° TIP: If you are new to accepting leads on Hotel Tech Report, please make sure to check out two critical guides to make sure your company is setup for success: (1) Tips before getting started with lead gen on Hotel Tech Report (2) 10-Step Guide to Understanding and Optimizing Your Lead Generation on Hotel Tech Report¬†

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