Enterprise Membership
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Enterprise companies with more than 150 employees and/or more than 5 products require an enterprise membership. Enterprise membership plans include tons of additional benefits suited for companies with more products, team members, customers and leads.

Enterprise Silver Membership Benefits Summary

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Standard Silver Plan

Enterprise Silver Plan

Up to 5 team members

Unlimited seats for larger teams

Up to 3 products

Unlimited products

Up to 1000 customers

Unlimited customers to run automated review campaigns at scale

$4600 in posting credits to post company news, content and thought leadership

$8900 in posting credits to post company news, content and thought leadership

$2500 in lead discounts and credits

$3700 in lead discounts and credits

2x awards entries

3x awards entries

1. More Seats

Enterprise companies have larger distributed teams that need to manage different elements of their HTR presence from reputation management to demand generation to posting content--therefore enterprise members gain access to unlimited seats for their teams.

Standard Plan

Enterprise Plan

Team Accounts

Up to 5 team members

Unlimited team members

2. More Premium Profiles

Enterprise companies tend to offer a larger product suite requiring more profiles across more categories and therefore benefit from unlimited upgraded ad-free Premium Profiles.

Standard Plan

Enterprise Plan

Upgraded Premium Profiles

Up to 3x products

Unlimited products

3. More Customers

Enterprise companies have larger install bases that get increasingly more complex to track and manage when it comes to customer outreach through the Automated Review Manager; therefore, enterprise companies benefit from unlimited customers.

Standard Plan

Enterprise Plan

Automated Review Manager

Up to 1000 customers

Unlimited customers

4. More Content Posting

Enterprise companies need to constantly put out news and announcements about new integrations, hotel signings, feature updates and more. You also have content teams dedicated to creating and distributing thought leadership content regularly to constantly be educating buyers and keeping your brand top of mind which is why Enterprise members get access to additional posting credits included with membership.

Standard Plan

Enterprise Plan


($1200 value)


($2400 value)


($400 value)


($600 value)


($3000 value)


($6000 value)

πŸ’Έ Enterprise members benefit from an additional $4300 in posting credits

5. More Leads

Enterprise companies who have more products generate more leads across more categories and get higher discounts along with unlocking the boosted visibility benefit across more product profiles and categories.

Standard Plan

Enterprise Plan

Lead Credit



Discounted Leads

(50% off)

Up to $2,000 savings

Up to $3,000 savings

πŸ’Έ Enterprise members benefit from an additional $1200 in lead savings

6. Misc Benefits

Enterprise Members also gain access to additional benefits including more entries into the HotelTechAwards and discounted subsidiary memberships for large enterprises who have separate subsidiary companies on the platform that they would like to also gain membership benefits.

Standard Plan

Enterprise Plan

2x entries ($1000 value)

3x entries ($1500 value)


50% off subsidiary membership

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