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Discounted Membership Options for Subsidiary Companies
Discounted Membership Options for Subsidiary Companies
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Hotel Tech Report is structured so that there are companies, and there are products and a company can have multiple products. Each company gets a vendor dashboard that has all of the functionality to help improve your reputation, boost visibility, capture leads, access the membership portal and more.

In some cases, companies have subsidiaries (either by acquisition or other unique circumstances). If your company is a Premium Member and you have a subsidiary that wants to access Premium features, benefits and exclusive discounts you can do so without having to purchase a full price membership.

All subsidiaries of existing Premium Members are eligible to get Silver Membership at a discounted price or free depending on the parent companies' membership plan.

Discounted Subsidiary Memberships By Parent Company Plan

Silver Members

Get 50% discounted Silver Annual Membership for additional subsidiary companies you would like to access member benefits, credits and discounts

Gold Members*

Includes free Silver Annual Membership for up to 1x subsidiary company

Platinum Members*

Includes free Silver Annual Membership for up to 3x subsidiary companies

* Subsidiary memberships are only included with annual Gold and Platinum Membership packages. If you are on a quarterly Gold or Platinum Membership you are eligible for 50% discounted Silver Membership for additional subsidiaries

How to Request a Discounted Subsidiary Membership

In order to request a discounted subsidiary membership, please reach out via the live chat on-site and let us know which company is the subsidiary and our team will prepare a proposal with the 50% discounted annual Silver Membership applied.

Subsidiary Membership Restrictions

  • 50% discounted subsidiary membership is only offered for the Annual Silver Membership plans

  • Free subsidiary memberships are only available to Gold and Platinum Members as outlined in the table above

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