Prepare Outreach List

How to prepare your outreach list

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Step 1: Download the sample outreach list CSV 

Step 2: Create your outreach list of users who you want to reach out to and add them to the sample csv file

  • Tip #1: The larger your list, the more reviews you'll get, the better you'll rank

  • Tip #2: Upload a diverse group of users from each key property type to (a) get credit for them, rank higher and attract more prospects at those properties types with profile filtering and segment matching)

  • Tip #3: Make sure at a very minimum you have each user's name and hotel in your outreach CSV so they can can be used in your campaign's merge fields

STEP 3: Upload your outreach list CSV to the review manager to activate them in the Review Manager

Note: No emails will be sent to clients when you upload your outreach list, it just adds them to your dashboard.


Now that you have your outreach list ready, it's time to launch your campaign!



Outreach List FAQs

What are typical conversion rates?

Conversion rates are generally around 5-20% when campaigns are run properly (yes, hoteliers are very busy!) so we'll need to take that into consideration when building our list.

How big should my outreach list be?

If this is your first campaign - we recommend looking at the category average and multiplying it by 5-8x based on the conversion data above. Head to your vendor dashboard homepage and look for the 'My products' summary.

Here we see that the category average is 20 reviews (Hotsoft is 19 below the average with 1 review).  Therefore we want to build a list of 160 clients for our initial outreach.

If we have already run a review campaign in the past and want to be a real category contender, we're going to build a list based on the category leader.  

In that same image above, we see that the category leader has 111 reviews so we'll want to multiple 111 x 5 to build a list of 555 clients for our outreach.


How do I know which clients I should add to my list?

Some companies have chosen to go out to all clients asking for reviews and others have taken more targeted approaches based on a combination of strategies like the ones below:

  • Ask your client facing reps to each send you 20-30 of their top clients

  • Export data from your NPS tool to identify happy clients

  • Search through testimonials, case studies and other materials to identify your advocates

  • Use a pre-built advocate/reference list

  • Export data from your app and sort by the clients who use your software most

  • Reach out to users, not just your key contact on property.  There are lots more potential reviewers than just your key contact on property.  Every staff member that uses your product is a potential reviewer so reaching out to more than just one key contact on property expands your review reach exponentially. 


What format should my list be in?

You'll need to copy/paste or upload a .csv with the following fields - so keep that in mind while building your list: 

  • Fields: email, first name, last name, hotel

For Example:
[email protected], Anthony Malchiori, Hotel Impossible
[email protected], Kendrick Lamar, Hotel Transylvania

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