Suppression List Export

Enrich user info across your other tools by exporting a suppression list of all users and their statuses in the review manager

Updated over a week ago

Wondering how you can get user info in terms of their status in the outreach process into your other tools like your CRM and other sales/marketing automation tools so you can tag and segment users across your tech stack based on whether they've left a review or been reached out to yet?

That's where the 'suppression export' comes in (premium feature).

This export includes the email and status of all (non-anonymous) customers from ALL tabs in your review manager so you can import this data to your CRM or other external tools.

Here's how to get review status for users into your other tools:

  1. Go to the review manager

  2. Click the 'export suppression list' button which will download a csv containing email addresses and review manager status for all users (eg. left a review, in progress, etc)

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