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A Client is Saying They Left a Review But it Isn't Showing Up on Our Profiles
A Client is Saying They Left a Review But it Isn't Showing Up on Our Profiles
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In order to find out if a client left you a review as a basic member, you can use the Review Lookup feature in the vendor dashboard under Reputation > Review Links > Review Lookup.

1. If a client is saying they left a review but its not on your profiles, here are the most likely reasons why...

For a review to be published on Hotel Tech Report it must pass at least one of the 4 verification options. Β  If a client is saying they left a review but it isn't showing up on your profile it is likely due to one of the 5 reasons below:



They didn't actually leave a review

Sometimes a user just wants to appease you so they may say they left a review when put on the spot and asked even if they didn't--it happens every now and then so don't sweat it.

Their review is in the moderation queue

Once a user leaves a review they are sent a verification link. As soon as they click the verification link their review gets added to the moderation queue and will be moderated and published within 72-hours. Make sure you allow enough time for your reviewer to click the verification link and for HTR moderators to approve and publish. Use the review lookup feature to lookup pending or rejected reviews.

Their review failed verification

If the user failed to meet any of the approved verification options provided then they will be sent a rejection email with one final chance to verify their review (Learn more). Use the review lookup feature to lookup pending or rejected reviews.

They left a review but opted to be anonymous

When a user leaves a review they can opt to leave it anonymously in which case HTR cannot reveal their identify nor will it appear in the review manager.

They started but didn't complete their review

Every once in a while a user will start leaving a review and then just close their browser and decide not to complete the review form and submit their review. Please understand that in these cases the user has not left the minimum required information and therefore have missing info and have not been completed so not only have they not provided the required information to get published but they also have not submitted and provided verification.

2. Recommendations

  1. Give it time: Just because a review isn't live doesn't mean it wasn't submitted. Make sure to allow up to 48-hours for the user to click the verification link and up to 72-hours for HTR moderators to review and publish meaning from the time a user left their review it can take up to 5 business days for it to appear live on your profiles.

  2. Lookup the client

    1. Basic members πŸ‘‰ Use the Manual Review Lookup feature

    2. Premium Members πŸ‘‰ Check the 'left a review' tab in the Automated Review Manager (the review manager contains a full activity log for each custome. Any information not in the review manager cannot be shared by HTR because it could reveal anonymous reviewer identities which we are not able to do under any circumstances.)

IMPORTANT: Please note that all information that is shareable about reviewers is available in the vendor dashboard either in the Review Lookup feature (for basic members) or the Automate Review Manager (for Premium Members). If a user left a review and they aren't showing up in your dashboard the only reason this could be is that they opted to leave their review anonymously in which case HTR IS NOT ABLE TO SHARE ANY INFORMATION ABOUT ANONYMOUS REVIEWS PER OUR USER PRIVACY POLICY.

3. How to setup campaign tracking for added visibility

If you're a basic member running campaigns outside of the Review Manager, you can manually setup your own tracking in your off-platform tools (eg. email client, CRM, live chat, marketing automation, etc) to make sure you have full tracking and visibility for your campaigns.

Premium Members can access the Automated Review Manager (premium feature) which is designed to automate all of the manual and time consuming aspects of review collection including campaign setup, tracking, followup and automation providing total visibility into campaigns with detailed event history for each customer.

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