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How does the review verification process work?
How does the review verification process work?

Learn how HTR ensures that every review comes from a verified hotelier.

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In order to protect the reputations of our vendors and ensure high quality review content from real hoteliers on the site, we have strict verification processes.  That said, we offer several easy options for users to verify so the process is frictionless and easy including: 

1. What to do if you aren't sure why a review isn't published

First-and-foremost please make sure that you understand the review verification process below and know that it can take up to 5-business days to be published (the user has 72-hours to click the verification link and 48-hours for HTR to publish)

Basic Members

Use the review lookup feature in the reviews tab of the dashboard to manually search for a specific user that you think left a review

(Note: users who opt for anonymity will not appear in search)

Premium Members

Go to the reviews tab in the 'left a review' tab in the Automated Review Manager to view a detailed searchable history of all customers and their historical activity

2. How reviews get verified



Submit review

User selects one of 4 different verification options

including: professional email, Linkedin profile, recent invoice or a logged in screenshot

User has to click a verification

User is sent an email with a verification link and has 72-hours to click the link to verify their email/identity (shown here)

IF they DO click the verification link within 72-hours...

HTR approves and publishes the review within 48-hours and hotelier and vendor sent notification

IF they DO NOT click the verification link within 72-hours...

the review is rejected and the user is sent rejection email with one more chance to reply with one of the approved verification options mentioned in #2 above

  • The review remains rejected until the user completes one of the review verification methods (4 options given via 3 notification emails to the user)

NOTE: If a review still hasn't been verified it will show as 'rejected' in your review manager, Premium members can trigger a 5th option for verification for rejected reviews by uploading customer proof via the automated review manager (Premium feature)

3. What are the opportunities users have to verify their review?

Right when the user presses submit on their review, they are sent an email with a verification link

If the reviewer doesn't click the verification link in #1 after 24-hours, they are sent a reminder check-in email asking them to click the verification link to publish their review

If the reviewer still hasn't clicked either of the verification links from #1 or #2 after 72-hours, the review is REJECTED and they are sent a 3rd email notifying them that HTR wasn't able to verify their review which also includes a 3rd verification link with additional verification options including (a) uploading a logged in screenshot (b) uploading a recent invoice

Premium Members also have access to an additional option to manually trigger verification by uploading proof of customer via the Premium Review Manager in the vendor dashboard How to get unverified reviews verified

4. Why is Hotel Tech Report so strict with reviewer verification?

Our mission is to make it easier for hoteliers to find, compare and adopt the best technologies to optimize their operations and speed up the pace of innovation in the global hotel industry.  To execute on that mission the anonymity, trust, and reputations of our community of hoteliers and vendors must be a top priority.

In order to deliver high quality information and buying insights to the community, we must ensure that each review is from a verified hotelier.  

Want to know why our verification processes are so strict? Here's a video of what can happen if they aren't...A third of TripAdvisor reviews are fake’ as cheats buy five star

5. Approved methods of verification

All users who become leads or submit reviews are verified as hoteliers via one of the following methods:



Work Email

Hoteliers may verify their identity by using their work email (note: When using this verification method their email domain must exactly match the hotel's URL/domain and be a valid hotel or hotel company email domain)

LinkedIn profile

The LinkedIn used must show the user's current position at a hotel or their review will be rejected. Additional reasons a user may fail verification and their review will be rejected...if the LinkedIn doesn't have connections, work history, a profile photo or contains other signs that the profile may be fake.

Logged in screenshot

To use this verification the screenshot must show the hoteliers' name while logged into the dashboard of the product.

Recent Invoice from the vendor

Hotelier may submit an image of a recent invoice where the hotel on the invoice matches their hotel.

CRM Screenshot

Vendor submitted screenshot of the customer in their CRM (user's email must match the reviewer's email)

IMPORTANT: Per our user privacy policy, we cannot provide any information to vendors about review statuses beyond what is visible in your review manager. If you run review campaigns off-platform in your own CRM or email marketing tool and not via Automated Review Manager) it is important to setup your own

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