How can I contest a review?

How to content or dispute a review that you believe to be incorrect.

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If you believe a review is inaccurate or false for any reason, you are able to contest the review.  The process is as follows:

  1. Complete the 'Contest a review form'

  2. HTR will unpublish the contested review within 24-hours

  3. We then reach out to the author of the review to require further verification 

  4. The user then has 14 business days to provide the required verification

  5. If the user doesn't provide further verification or does not reply within 14-days the review will remain unpublished

  6. Both the user and the vendor will receive notifications regarding any status changes or updates regarding the review

3:3 Dispute Policy Guidelines

  • 3 outstanding disputes.  A vendor can only have a maximum of 3 outstanding/open disputes at a given time

  • 3 strikes. Once a vendor disputes 3 reviews that are verified by the hotelier users that wrote those reviews (aka. the dispute was not based in fact), they lose the ability to contest reviews for 365 days

Please note that in order to contest a review it must violate HTR's Review Guidelines. Additionally, if a review request was sent from your company to the customer, then the review may not be contested since this is a valid customer that you reached out to asking them to share their experience.

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