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Review Minimum Length Requirement
Review Minimum Length Requirement
Updated over a week ago

When it comes to review content length Hotel Tech Report has minimum requirements per our review guidelines and as stated clearly on the review form with field validations prompting users to leave at least a minimum length.

Ultimately its a tricky balance that we've tuned over time trying to optimize for 2 key variables:

  1. Wanting to keep the form short enough to make it easy for users (and maximize conversion) while also...

  2. Making it long enough to make feedback valuable for hoteliers (and provide context for vendors)

Ultimately the 20 word limit comes out to ~1x sentence of text for what users like and ~1x sentence for what they think could be improved and we've found average completion time <3 minutes and almost no drop-off which is why this is the minimum length requirement for reviews (or they will be rejected for not meeting content standards).

...We found that anything lower than the current limits tends to lead to really poor quality reviews with little to no helpful context and arbitrary ratings

...and anything above tends to lead to drop-off

so these limits provide the best results and are standardized across the platform as a requirement as a result for all reviews across all vendors.

Hopefully you understand why these limits are in place to increase the value of the content on HTR and the recommendations and insights that hoteliers share with the community and we appreciate your understanding πŸ™ but as always, if you have any questions or feedback please feel free to reach out anytime to our team via the live chat on site.

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