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6 Easy Steps to Setup an Automated Review Campaign

👇Here's how easy it is to launch fully tracked and automated campaigns👇

Step 1: Import users to the review manager

If this is your first review campaign through the automated review manager, we recommend starting with a smaller list of 100-200 users to run a test campaign before reaching out to all users the first time around in case there are any changes or tweaks you want to make in your outreach approach or messaging.

We also recommend that rather than adding all of your users at once, only add users that you want to launch a campaign to at the time you want to setup your campaign and then launch your campaign prior to adding more users. This helps keep the review manager organized and easier to manage.

Step 2: Choose a Familiar Sender That Your Customers Will Recognize in their Inbox

Its important to choose a sender before you customize your templates since each user has their own templates so that you make sure to customize your campaign templates under your sender's account. Choosing a familiar sender can also drastically improve open and completion rates so make sure to choose someone on your team that your customers will recognize.

Pro tip: Remember that each user has their own templates so the campaign sender needs to make sure to have the templates added and saved on their account.

Step 3: Customize Your Templates (on the Sender's Account)

A few tips to add to your templates to increase conversion:

  1. Personalize your messaging

  2. Keep your templates short and sweet

  3. Offer a giveaway

  4. Put a deadline on the giveaway to increase urgency

  5. Try to stick to as close to our high converting COVID templates as you can

Pro tip: Remember that each user has their own templates so the campaign sender needs to make sure to have the templates added and saved on their account

Step 4: Preview Your Templates and Send Yourself a Test

Now that your campaign is setup, the next step is to preview your templates and send yourself a test so that you can check to make sure your campaign is setup properly.

Pro tip: Make sure to preview your templates and send a test to see what your users will see before you launch your campaign

Step 5: Decide Your Send Date and Launch Your Campaign

Now that your users have been added, your templates have been customized and you have previewed your campaign, all you have to do is pretty send!

Pro tip: We recommend launching your campaign on a Tuesday or Wednesday which is where we've seen stronger conversion rates.  

Step 6: Let Your Campaign Run for 2-weeks

Once you launch your campaign you can sit back, relax and let the reviews roll in. Your campaign will run for two weeks and you will get notifications as reviews start to come in. Once the campaign is complete, any users that have left a review will appear in the 'left a review' tab and users who haven't will appear in the 'ready for followup' tab for your team to decide if you would like to followup further.

Have questions about setting up your automated campaign or want to review yours with HTR via screen share before you press send?

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