Once you complete Step 1 and your outreach list is ready and imported to the dashboard, it's time to start sending review requests.  The easiest way to launch a review campaign is by using the campaign automation features built into the Review Manager.  Its so easy that you can launch a review campaign to thousands of users in minutes:

  • Navigate to the 'unsent' tab of the Review Manager in your dashboard

  • Customize your campaign templates (premium feature)

  • Press the green 'bulk send' button to launch your review campaign

  • Sit back and let the automation sequence run (2-weeks)

  • You'll be notified as reviews come in and when the sequence is complete

Press the green 'bulk send' button to launch your automated campaign

Once you press send, the 1st email in the sequence is sent to users in the campaign

Below is the email #1 template pre-filled in your dashboard, otherwise you can also customize your templates using the custom templates feature.  As clients start leaving reviews, your team will receive notifications so they can read them and respond to improve your reputation.


7-days later the 2nd email in the automated sequence is sent to users who didn't open or click the initial request

This template can also be customized using the custom templates feature.


After another 7 days (14-days total), your team will be notified when users have made it through the automated campaign and still haven't left a review

After a user makes it through the 14-day automated campaign, your team is notified so you can take 1 of 2 actions: 

  1. Assign the customer for personal followup: If the customer didn't open the campaign emails and you still want to try to get a review, you can assign the customer in the dashboard to their respective account manager to personally follow-up (Want followup tips for your team? Learn more)

  2. Archive the customer: If they opened the campaign emails and it looks like they likely don't want to leave a review so no more requests are sent



Still Have Questions?

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Review Campaign Automation Sequence Recap Summary

  • Step 1: Navigate to the Review Manager tab of your dashboard

  • Step 2: If you imported a user by mistake, 'archive' them so they won't be included in your campaign

  • Step 3: Press the green 'bulk send' button to launch your review campaign

  • Step 4 (automated): First email in the automated sequence is sent

  • Step 5 (automated): 7-days after the initial request is sent, a followup email will automatically be sent to any users who haven't opened the first email

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