One of the features of the automated review manager is that you can run multiple campaigns simultaneously to different lists.

Top use cases:

  • Enable different team members to each run their own review campaigns

  • Send different campaigns to different geographies with different languages

  • Run multiple smaller campaigns to test email copy

Its important to note that: 
- Each team member has their own templates
- Each campaign you send has its own templates
- When a user launches a campaign, those users will be assigned to the sender

Each time a member of your team launches a campaign, the campaign freezes the templates they used on the campaign so you can then change the templates and run a new campaign and the initial campaign will not be impacted.

To run multiple simultaneous campaigns you'll want to do is follow the below sequence to keep things organized and easy to manage in the review manager:

  1. Add a list of users you want to send a campaign to

  2. Customize your templates for the campaign you want to send that list

  3. Launch the campaign (users will be moved into the 'in progress' tab)

  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for each list/segment you want to send a different campaign to

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