Top Ways to Collect Reviews

Top ways for basic members without access to the Automated Review Manager to collect reviews.

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1. Send an in-app message to users

In-app messaging tools like Intercom provide an easy way to reach users without cluttering their inboxes. (Make sure to include your specific review link to take them directly to your unique review link)

2. Add a Banner To Your Dashboard and/or Login Page

If you have a product with lots of users that login regularly to the product, another great way to reach them easily is right from within your app or login page. Adding a banner front and center when users log into your app is a great way to get more reviews.

3. Route users to leave a review from your customer surveys

You probably already use an NPS tool like Delighted or to keep a pulse on customer satisfaction (if not, we highly recommend it). These tools are cheap and easy to use and give you insights to prevent customer frustration and identify new opportunities for your product.

Once a user completes the 1-10 NPS rating (either in-app, via email, or over SMS)--most tools will offer the ability to route the user to a given URL. This is your opportunity to generate more reviews. When a user clicks their star rating, route them to your company's unique review link.

4. Run a divide and conquer campaign amongst your customer facing account reps

Divide and conquer amongst your client facing teams can be a great strategy for easily collecting reviews.  Just imagine, if you have 10 team members who are client facing (eg. sales, customer success, account managers, executives, etc) and each of those 10 team members can gather 10 reviews, you'd have 100 reviews in no time.

Some companies choose to do this manually using a white board in their office and having client facing team members add tally marks next to their name on the whiteboard as they reach out to clients, and their clients leave reviews.  

Another tip to increase team engagement is by gamifying the team campaign and offering an incentive to the team member who is able to gather the most reviews in a given period of time.  Here is some inspiration/a few some examples of creative and fun incentives companies have offered in team campaigns: 

  • Whoever gets X client reviews before Y date wins a $250 Amazon Giftcard

  • Whoever collects the most client reviews by X date wins company swag

  • Group employees into teams and the winning team who gathers the most customer reviews by X date gets taken to lunch by the CEO

We even offer copy/paste review outreach templates to share with your team to make running campaigns a breeze:

Here's how to run a divide and conquer campaign:

  1. Invite your customer facing reps: Client facing reps have relationships with clients, so naturally their requests convert higher.  Teams who collaborated with at least 3 client service reps to gather reviews obtained on average 5x more reviews than those with only 1 Hotel Tech Report account manager.  

  2. 1-to-1 Outreach: Send your customer success and client facing teams your unique review link to reach out to their clients using one of the copy/paste templates at the bottom of this article (shown here)

  3. Personalize your requests and leverage SmartLinks: Personalized review requests from client service reps converted the highest.  Personalize your subject line and message to make 

  4. Make it fun and motivate your team: Teams who gamified or incentivized review gathering for their customer success teams were all top performers (e.g. $50 Amazon card to the rep with the most reviews in a month).  Do this on a whiteboard in your office or upgrade to premium to unlock the team leaderboard (coming August 2018)

5. Run a giveaway campaign through your email marketing software or CRM

While Premium features of the automated review manager like automated followup, drip campaigns, email tracking and custom templates make running a giveaway campaign a breeze, basic members can also run giveaways through their own email marketing software and have Hotel Tech Report select their winners at random.

Including a giveaway incentive like an Amazon or Starbucks Gift card or an iPad can be a great way to encourage users to leave a review as long as it is within the terms of use guidelines. This article includes:

Steps for setting up your giveaway campaign:

  1. Decide on your giveaway (Tip: A few bigger prizes typically converts better than a lot of small ones)...How many giveaways will you offer and what will they be for? Are you going to offer 2 x $100 Amazon gift cards or 20 x $5 Starbucks gift cards? Or do you want to get more creative with your giveaway and pick something more unique, memorable and creative just reach out and ask via the live chat (we've never said no!). Some creative ideas from other companies for inspiration...Apple Airpods gift card, Massage gift card from Soothe, dinner at Nobu gift card, Instacart groceries gift card, AirBnB gift card

  2. Create urgency: Setting a duration increases urgency and thus conversion. Pick a date within the near future with which you will run your campaign that you can communicate in your review request messaging

  3. Setup a drip sequence in your email marketing software or CRM (Tip: Schedule at least one followup to increase conversion)

  4. Fill out the giveaway campaign submission form once you have launched your campaign to let HTR know when you will be running your campaign and when you would like us to select winners for you at random

  5. At the end of your campaign, we will download a list of all reviewers of your product and run a random number generator to select winners for you.

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