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How to Send Clients Your Review Link
How to Send Clients Your Review Link

Each company gets a unique review link that can be sent to clients.

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To find your unique review link to send to clients, navigate to reviews-->review links in your dashboard as shown above

  1. Login to your account where you are an admin on your company's account with access to the vendor dashboard (you will see the vendor toolbar appear across the top of the page when you are...if you don't have access you can request access by claiming one of your profiles or having a team member invite you)

  2. Click the 'Reviews' tab in the side menu bar

  3. Click 'Review Links' in the sub-menu

  4. You will see your unique review link in the top box

When this link is sent to clients, they will be able to select which of your products they use (and would like to review) so that:

  1. Their review counts towards your HT Score and ranking for each respective product

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