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Popular Tactics for Collecting Reviews
Popular Tactics for Collecting Reviews
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There are lots of ways for companies to collect reviews and which method is most effective is different for every company which is why often its best to try a couple of different tactics and see what works best for you based on your specific product and client relationships. Below are six of the most popular tactics for collecting reviews.

TACTIC #1: Run an automated review campaign via the review manager

Premium members gain access to the fully automated review manager in the vendor dashboard to easily run review campaigns to make feedback collection effortless and boost rankings, visibility and lead volumes.

TACTIC #2: Run a divide and conquer campaign to motivate your team

For one person to personalize and track mass outreach is really time consuming and complex but working as a team companies can easily divide responsibility amongst client facing team members to make review collection a breeze.

TACTIC #3: Run a giveaway campaign to incentivize clients

Offering an incentive can be a great way to not only increase review campaign conversion, but also to show clients that you respect and appreciate them taking time out of their busy work day to leave a review.

TACTIC #4: In-app message campaign

Setup an in-app message in your dashboard or via your live chat to request a review from clients. This strategy is a great supplement to other campaigns because it ensures that you reach all of your users in a non-invasive way so when they have time they know where they can leave a review.

  • Pros: Easily accessible at all times, great supplement to other campaign types

  • Cons: Tends to be low converting unless an incentive is clearly offered

TACTIC #5: Marketing E-blast campaign

Have your marketing team send an e-blast with your unique review link to clients via your email marketing software.

  • Pros: Easy to setup, reach all customers at once

  • Cons: Impersonal, tend to be lower converting, hard to keep track of and followup

  • Tip: Since marketing eblasts tend to be very generic they tend to get low conversion rates. Make sure to offer a giveaway or incentive to increase conversion rates if you run an eblast campaign.

TACTIC #6: Social media campaign

Share your review link and promote your campaign on social

  • Pros: Easy to setup

  • Cons: Low engagement rates without an incentive

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