Divide & Conquer Campaigns

How to Run a Semi-Automated (aka Divide-and-Conquer) Review Campaign

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What is a Divide and Conquer Strategy?

In addition to fully automated campaigns, the review manager also has the ability to send 1-to-1 personalized requests in what we call a 'divide and conquer' strategy to send more personalized requests from your account facing reps to their clients.

Why Divide and Conquer is a Great Way to Collect Reviews

Dividing and conquering amongst your client facing teams can be a great strategy for easily collecting reviews with more 1-to-1 personal outreach from client facing team members who have rapport with clients.

Just imagine, if you have 10 team members who are client facing (eg. sales, customer success, account managers, executives, etc) and each of those 10 team members can gather 10 reviews, you'd have 100 reviews in no time.

How to Leverage Generate Internal Contests and the Team Leaderboard to Gamify Review Collection for Your Team and Collect More Reviews

In addition to 1-click review requests that pull from user's own personalized templates -- there are also additional features to help increase visibility, accountability and engagement across your team's outreach including:

I. The Team Leaderboard

The team leaderboard shows you the # of requests sent, reviews collected and conversion rate across your team allowing you to gain visibility into progress, requests and success rates. Not only does this give campaign managers visibility and accountability over the team to see who's actually reached out to clients and who is collecting the most reviews, but it also enables your team to see who's requests are performing best to help each other learn and improve your outreach strategy and messaging over time.

II. Internal Contests

Invite your team to an internal contest with a fun giveaway prize to increase motivation and engagement while gamifying review collection via a fun giveaway to reward your most customer centric team member/s who are able to collect the most reviews.

Easily invite multiple members of your team to an internal contest in the Review Manager to motivate your team and gamify review gathering to boost your rankings.

Copy/Paste Review Outreach Templates to Share with Your Team

A few helpful copy/paste templates to share with your team 😉

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