In some categories there are products that serve the local market or region extremely well and even better than the overall global category leader.

In this case, regional providers may have a difficult time competing overall in their category but still deserve recognition if they are able to dominate their region and are by far the top rated product by hoteliers in the region.

Regional winners are a designation to recognize top performers who dominate their local markets. To earn this distinguished designation and win the regional title above the top rated overall in the category, the following conditions must be met.

Example: Lets say Triptease wins the overall direct booking tools category in the annual HotelTechAwards but you have a stronger presence in the APAC region and don't think your product can win the overall category but want to win the Top Rated Direct Booking Tool for APAC Hotels, you would have to meet the following conditions:

  • CONDITION #1: "Product must have at least 50 verified reviews in the region"--> must have at least 50 verified client reviews in the APAC region

  • CONDITION #2: "and the overall category winner must have <10 verified reviews in the region"-->Triptease must have fewer than 10 reviews in the APAC region otherwise cannot be considered the top rated in the region above the category leader since the category leader has sufficient reviews from that region

  • CONDITION #3: "You must be at least top 3 rated in the category"-->In order to be a regional winner, must be top 3 ranked in the overall category

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