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HotelTechAwards Registration FAQs
HotelTechAwards Registration FAQs
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1. What are the HotelTechAwards?

The HotelTechAwards (ie. the user choice awards for hotel technology) are the gold standard in the world of hotel tech and each year nearly every top hotel tech company across the globe competes for the most coveted award in hotel tech for one reason--they are based on real feedback from real customers.

Since the HotelTechAwards are entirely customer and data driven, winning a HotelTechAward is the most valuable marketing and sales enablement asset your company can achieve earning you invaluable trust and credibility with buyers to differentiate from the competition close deals faster. After all, what more do you really need to say during a sales call when asked how you differentiate from your top competitor than 'hoteliers voted us #1'...

2. What is the difference between winning a HotelTechAward and being top rated on Hotel Tech Report?

The HotelTechAwards are to the Academy Awards as Hotel Tech Report ranking is to box office sale on a given weekend.

  • HotelTechAward: A way to look back on the year and recognize the vendor that lead the charge, had amazing customer feedback

  • Top Rated on Hotel Tech Report: At a given point in time you lead the category and can use this as well for your marketing. Do this consistently and you will likely win an HTA as well

Just because a movie wins an Oscar in a given year doesnโ€™t mean they are the highest grossing box office hit on a given weekend. The awards are a way to recognize vendors who embrace transparency and mark a point in time where there is a leader on the site. HotelTechAward winners get the benefit of buzz, press, badges and other useful ways to promote their victory.

3. When do I have to register my product into the HotelTechAwards to participate?

In order to participate in the annual HotelTechAwards, you must register your products into the awards no later than October 15th of the current awards year. Note that regular registration closes on August 31st and a late entry fee is required for any entries after that point so if you intend to participate, we recommend signing up during the regular registration period.

4. What does the registration fee go towards?

The entry fee for the HotelTechAwards goes towards towards promotion, perks and prizes for winners including:

  • ๐ŸŽจ Custom graphics: Winners get custom badges, share graphics, email footers and more to turn their win into the most valuable piece of sales enablement content for their team to leverage throughout their sales and marketing.

  • ๐Ÿค Brand licensing: Participants gain the ability to license and leverage the HotelTechAwards brand throughout their sales and marketing (Related article: How companies leverage their HotelTechAwards in their sales and marketing)

  • ๐Ÿ“ฃ Press & Content to Promote Winners: At the end of the awards HTR invests in promotion, content and marketing to build buzz for winners including press syndication, winners promo page, hotelier eblasts (sample results), digital marketing campaigns and HTR's annual Hotel Software Market Leaders Report

  • ๐Ÿ† Thousands of Dollars in Perks & Prizes: Early access to promotional opportunities, custom office prints, thousands of dollars in discounts & free lead credit and more to sweeten the pot View sample Perks

  • ๐Ÿงพ 30-day access to the automated review manager: Registered companies gain access to the automated review manager (Premium feature) for the first 30-days of the awards period to save time, increase conversion and kickstart your campaign to increase your chances of winning.

* Please note that there are no refunds once registered

5. Can I win a HotelTechAward without being registered? How late can I register into the awards and access winner benefits?

Yes, you can win a HotelTechAward without being registered but you will not receive any of the registered company benefits mentioned above. Registered companies receive custom graphics, badges, brand licensing, brand promotion and winner perks at no additional cost but unregistered companies who win and want to access these benefits and services have to pay a late registration fee.

  • Late Registration fee (Sept 1-Oct 31): Companies who register after the awards have already begun are subject to a late registration fee of $849/category

  • Wait and See fee (after October 31st): Any companies who do not register but want to take advantage of HotelTechAwards benefits and services including access to the live leaderboard, graphic design services (eg. badges, share graphics, email footers), winner promotion (eg. press releases, landing pages, e-blasts, marketing campaigns, brand licensing (to use the HotelTechAwards brand) and winner perks (eg. view sample perks) are subject to a unregistered winner services fee of $3,500 to access benefits including

6. How can I get the registration fee waived?

Premium Members on any annual plan receive entries into the HotelTechAwards included with membership. Additionally, Premium Members who register during the Early Bird registration period are eligible for early bird discounted pricing using your member discount code.

Not sure if your plan includes free registrations?

7. What happens once you register a product into the HotelTechAwards and how do I unlock the coaching dashboard and live leaderboard?

  • ๐Ÿ’Œ You will be signed up to receive announcements updates: Once you register in the HotelTechAwards, you will be signed up to receive all announcements, reminders, updates and coaching tips for the current year's awards.

  • ๐Ÿงฎ Your products are added to the participant export list: Each product you register will be activated to be included in the data export and analysis at the end of the awards period. The HotelTechScore is a dynamic live score so at the end of the awards period data is frozen and exported for analysis at the end of the awards period to determine winners.

  • ๐Ÿ”“ The awards coaching dashboard and live leaderboard is unlocked (NEW): On September 1st when the awards kickoff, the awards coaching dashboard will be unlocked for each product your company has registered giving you real time visibility into your ranking, competitor positioning, custom recommendations to earn points and more (see below)

HotelTechAwards Coaching Dashboard

HotelTechAwards Live Leaderboard

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