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What is the Difference Between Winning a HotelTechAward and Being Top Rated on HTR?
What is the Difference Between Winning a HotelTechAward and Being Top Rated on HTR?
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We've had a number of vendors reach out asking questions like: 

  • "I won my category in the HTAs, but what happens if a company moves ahead of me? Am I still the top rated vendor?

  • "What is the difference between being top rated on Hotel Tech Report and #1 in the HotelTechAwards"

(Shout out to Clare from SiteMinder for being the first one to ask a question that a lot of people had, thanks for your feedback!)

To answer this question the easiest way to do so is with an analogy

The HotelTechAwards are to the Academy Awards as Hotel Tech Report ranking is to box office sale on a given weekend.  

  • HotelTechAward 👉 A way to look back on the year and recognize the vendor that lead the charge, had amazing customer feedback

  • Top Rated on Hotel Tech Report 👉 At a given point in time you lead the category and can use this as well for your marketing.  Do this consistently and you will likely win an HTA as well

Just because a movie wins an Oscar in a given year doesn’t mean they are the highest grossing box office hit on a given weekend.  The awards are a way to recognize vendors who embrace transparency and mark a point in time where there is a leader on the site.  HotelTechAward winners get the benefit of buzz, press, badges and other useful ways to promote their victory.  

Its important to remember the purpose of the scoring on Hotel Tech Report:

Let's start out with what the Hotel Tech Score is NOT...

  • It is not a score given by Hotel Tech Report

  • It is not influenced by the analysis or opinions of anyone at Hotel Tech Report

  • It is not intended to place judgement on vendors

So what is the Hotel Tech Score?

  • A metric to simplify and quantify the feedback generated by verified users

  • A way to simplify discovery for hoteliers

  • A way for vendors with great products to stand out from the rest

At Hotel Tech Report, our mission is to leverage open customer feedback to bring transparency to the hotel tech buying process and enable hoteliers to easily discover the best technologies for their hotel.  Therefore the rankings and awards are simply a way for (a) hoteliers to be able to more effectively make decisions and (b) to provide opportunities for your company to have customer driven talking points to empower your sales teams with customer proof and let you focus on what you do best, building great products that customers love.

At Hotel Tech Report, we strongly believe that great products sell themselves, and that there's no better sales team than satisfied customers.  The HotelTechScore™ is a way for companies with great products to quantify the voice of their satisfied customers and stand out from competitors with products that customers don't love.

Want to learn more about the HotelTechScore™? Learn more

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