The HotelTechAwards are the hotel industry’s only data driven awards platform that recognizes companies who impress the judges who really matter - their customers. Each year more more than a hundred of the top companies in the global hotel tech community compete to be finalists or win their respective categories.


I. Recognition and designations

II. Key Dates and Deadlines

III. How to Win the HotelTechAwards

I. Recognition & Designations

The minimum requirement to qualify for the HotelTechAwards is to achieve 25 reviews between the announcement of the previous year's HotelTechAwards and current year closure (January 1st, 2020 - December 15th, 2021).

Winners, finalists and nominees receive a suite of benefits including press, proprietary content, marketing collateral, sales enablement tools, badges and promotion on Hotel Tech Report to help differentiate and promote their businesses to prospective (and existing) clients.

  • What is a winner? For each category there is an overall winner and regional winners. Winners receive the highest overall score in their categories (or in the People’s Choice competition). In addition to the benefits above, winners also receive content opportunities like an exclusive option to sponsor their category’s annual budget season buyer's guide for a fraction of the cost.

  • What is a finalist? Finalists come in 2nd and 3rd place in their respective categories. Meets minimum criteria.

  • What is a nominee? Nominees are registrants who achieve the minimum threshold (25 reviews during the awards period) but do not place in the top 3 places.

  • Nominee designation: New this year we will be recognizing nominees who meet HotelTechAwards standards (10+ reviews, 80%+ client satisfaction) an official press release about nominations.

  • Breakout companies designation: Companies who didn’t final last year and achieve more than 25 reviews (80%+ client satisfaction) during the awards period

  • Startup watch designation: Exclusive recognition for startups that achieve nomination status (startups must be: under 15 employees or less than 2 years old)

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II. Key Dates and Deadlines

Beginning September 1st and throughout the awards period participants will receive notifications with coaching tips and guidance as to exactly how to maximize their chances of winning throughout the awards period.

Aug 1: Regular registration opens
Aug 31: Regular registration closes
Sept 1 - Dec 15: Official campaign period to gather reviews/earn points
Sept 15: Partner recommendations link sent to participating companies
Oct 1: Best Places to Work survey link sent to participating companies
Dec 16: Voting closes and data exported for analysis
Jan 2: Winners are notified
Jan 14: Public announcement of winners

The HotelTechAwards are the user choice awards for hotel technology and are the gold standard in the world of hotel tech. Each year the top hotel tech company across the globe compete for the most coveted award in hotel tech for one reason--they are data driven based on feedback from verified hoteliers.

Winning a HotelTechAward means being named the top rated product in your category for the year which carries immense clout and unlocks invaluable marketing and sales enablement opportunities for your company to build trust and credibility with buyers and help you differentiate from the competition. After all, what could be more powerful during a sales call when asked how you differentiate from your top competitor than saying "don't take our word for it, check out our reviews and see why hoteliers voted us #1".

After all, what could be more powerful during a sales call when asked how you differentiate from your top competitor than saying "don't take our word for it, check out our reviews and see why hoteliers voted us #1"...

Once you are registered, the live leaderboard and coaching checklist gets unlocked to show your current standings as well as tips to improve your reputation, rankings and chances of winning by maximizing your score.

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