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Awards Rules & Competition Guidelines
Awards Rules & Competition Guidelines
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The following rules are summarized from HotelTechReport’s Community Guidelines, Review Guidelines and Terms & Conditions. All competitors must sign the rules contract via Docusign before September 23rd, 2022 in order to be eligible for recognition as a 2023 HotelTechAwards winner, finalist or any other designation. No refunds will be issued to firms that do not complete this rules acknowledgement contract.


  • No direct compensation for reviews. It is prohibited to offer direct incentives for reviews (e.g write a review, get a $X gift card). Only randomized giveaways are permitted (e.g. write a review and get entered to win a gift card).

  • **Charitable donations. Charitable donations in exchange for reviews are permitted. For example, a vendor may use language such as "For every review we collect between now and the end of the month, we will be donating $X to [charitable cause]."

  • Random giveaways may not exceed $1,000 in value. Randomized giveaways may not exceed a monetary value of $1,000 nor may they be given away at a rate in excess of 10% (1 in 10). Total giveaways to reviewers in a calendar year may not exceed $5,000 per company. Charitable contributions are exempt from the $1,000/month and $5,000/year caps.

  • All eligible giveaways must be 100% random. Any giveaway must be random and may in no way be influenced by the contents of a review such as but not limited to star ratings, positive sentiment, etc.

  • Nobody may enter a review for anyone except themselves. No associate (in house or consultant) may enter a review on behalf of a hotelier for any purposes. Your team may not assist a client with translations or type while the client dictates on the phone. You may not collect reviews on another channel and manually enter them either. These are a few examples but do not cover all banned cases. ALL reviews must be written by hoteliers with zero vendor influence, oversight or interference regardless of intent.

  • Vendors may not introduce bias when soliciting reviews. Vendors may not bias reviews such as but not limited to asking for a positive review or watching over the shoulder of a hotelier as they leave a review.

  • Vendors must have a standalone product (not a product module or add-on) in a given category in order to compete in that category in the awards and be eligible to win. In order for a product to compete in the HotelTechAwards it must be widely available and actively sold in market as a standalone product at both the beginning and end of the HotelTechAwards. If a module is found to be competing - it will be automatically pulled from the competition without refund and redesignated on the platform as as to more accurately reflect the positioning to hotel tech buyers.

  • All vendors agree to sportsmanlike conduct. You may not report another competitor without concrete evidence that they have breached the rules. There will be a 2-strike rule in place - vendors who file 2 reports without hard evidence will be disqualified themselves from the competition.

  • You agree that you and your team will be included in our violation report. HTR will make publicly available a blacklist report of the individuals and companies found attempting to write reviews on behalf of their clients and without exception will publish these names and companies to a location available to the entire vendor & hotelier community.

  • Common sense self regulation. Each competitor promises to uphold the highest standards of integrity and to not attempt gaining an unfair advantage by leveraging unethical tactics.

  • Ethics committee judgments. Each participating organization will nominate a member to the ethics committee that will review and decide on penalties associated with violations that are uncovered such as but not limited to: profile alert banners, review removal and disqualification from the competition.

  • Penalties. Standard penalties for infractions can be found here; however, HTR reserves the right to adjust penalties based on the findings from ethics committee peer reviews of infractions.

I represent and warrant that: (a) I have read this Agreement and understand all the terms and conditions hereof, that (b) I have the authority to sign this agreement on behalf of my company.

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