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Report vendor misrepresentations or suspicious activity
Report vendor misrepresentations or suspicious activity
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If you believe a vendor has misrepresented their products and services, you can report the issue via the button below.


1. What happens once an inaccuracy is report?

  • Step 1: A user files a report about misrepresented information (via the link above)

  • Step 2: HTR opens an investigation into the allegations within 48-hours

  • Step 3: If the allegations are about suspicious review activity, the reviews in question will be unpublished and marked as pending with a label that shows they are '(UNDER INVESTIGATION)'

  • Step 4: HTR will investigate the issue within 14-days

  • Step 5a: If the allegations can be proven to be true, the vendor in breach will receive a notification along with 1-strike (out of 3)

  • Step 5b: If there is no hard evidence to prove the allegations as concretely true...the vendor will receive a warning outlining the flagged issues and their account will be put on watch for 6-months.

  • Step 6: The reporting user will be notified when a resolution is reached

2. What is the investigation process for reported misrepresentations or suspicious activity?

  • Misrepresentations about profile information...Vendor will be notified of the allegations via email and will have 72-hours to respond with either (a) acknowledgement and show accurate information has been updated on their profile/s OR (b) provide evidence that the information is accurate

  • Suspicious review activity...The vendor in question will receive a notification that an investigation has been started. Although every case is unique, HTR's general investigation process includes reaching out to the reviewers in question to inquire about their reviews in the context of the suspicious activity/allegations reported

3. What are some examples of inaccurate or misrepresented information that should be reported?

  1. Incorrect categorization: If a product is currently in a category that is not accurate and should be moved to the correct category.

  2. Missing add-on designations: Add-on products being marketed as standalone products without the proper add-on designation

  3. Inaccurate pricing: Products who have listed inaccurate pricing information on their profiles

  4. Inaccurate integrations: Products who have listed inaccurate integrations information on their profiles

  5. Inaccurate profile information: Features, descriptions or screenshots on a product profile that are inaccurate

  6. Suspicious review activity: Suspicious review activity noticed about a vendor's solutions

4. What are the penalties for misrepresented information or suspected breach of site guidelines?

  • If a vendor is found to have misrepresented information on their long as the information is corrected or verified as accurate within 72-hours no strike will be received. If a vendor does not cure within 72-hours, the information in question will be removed and they will receive 1-strike.

  • If a vendor is found to have suspicious review activity that is in breach of HTR's review guidelines or community guidelines...View penalties by severity

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