Role: Account Owner

Responsibilities: Delegate micro-tasks for each team to divide and conquer and optimize your presence

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ROLE #1: Account Owner

Responsibilities: Customize your profiles, keep up with promotions, checkin with other team members

Profiles don't require ongoing work and are easy to customize from the profile editor, so often the account owners will just tackle this one themselves.  Its also easy to keep up with promotions by occasionally checking your dashboard to see if the 'what's new' indicator lights up green in the top navigation and click through to the promotional opportunities section of the updates center. 

  • Recommended owner: Marketer

  • Time commitment: ~3-5 hours/year

✅ Account owner's checklist 

  • (One time) Customize profiles when you first upgrade (~1 hour)

  • (One time) Recruit other team members to manage each of the other roles and set tangible goals for each to keep them accountable (20 mins)

  • (Quarterly) Check profiles to see if any slight adjustments or updates are needed to keep them fresh and on brand (15 mins/quarter) 

  • (Quarterly) Quarterly checkin call with all team members to review progress towards goals and identify ways to optimize presence (10 mins/quarter)

  • (Monthly) Check for new promotional opportunities in the updates center and complete any required submissions to be featured (5 mins/mo)

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