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Role: Integrations Managers
Role: Integrations Managers

Responsibilities: List and verify integrations

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ROLE #4a: Integrations Manager

Responsibilities: Manage integrations

Listing and verifying integrations is as easy as 2-clicks but it requires someone who has knowledge of your company's live integrations and who can update this over time as you add new ones.  

  • Recommended owner: integrations manager

  • Time commitment: ~1.5 hours/year

✅ Integrations owner checklist: 

  • (ONE TIME) List and verify all of your integration partners (~1 hour)

  • (ONE TIME) Add your partner marketplace to your website to automatically keep the integrations page of your website up to date and looking fresh (~15 mins)

  • (QUARTERLY) Add new integrations to your profiles via the vendor dashboard for new integrations you have built out (~10 mins/quarter)


▶️ Helpful tutorials for integrations owners

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