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List and Verify Integrations

List your integrations on Hotel Tech Report to help hoteliers discover your products easier by showing up in more hotelier searches

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How to list and verify integrations to show up on more profiles and in more searches

Integrations FAQs

Why list your integration partners?

  • Hoteliers hate fragmented systems. Show hoteliers how easy it is to get started using your products by showing them which of their existing products you already integrate with

  • Get found on partner profiles: When you list an integration partner, not only does it get added to your profile, but you'll also show up on their profile

  • Show up in more searches. Later this month we'll be rolling out integrations search making it easier than ever for hoteliers to find products that connect with their existing systems. The more of your integrations you list, the more you will show up in hoteliers searches throughout Hotel Tech Report

  • Connect with other top vendors. Build your brand by connecting with other top vendors that you partner with on Hotel Tech Report

How do I invite my product team manage our integrations?

Click here to learn how to invite teammates to gain admin access to your profiles to help list and manage your integrations.

How can I reject an integration request that isn't valid?

Press the 'reject' button next to the integration (shown here)

What if a company won't verify our integration with them?

How much of an impact do integrations have on rankings and the HT Score?

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