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Role: Partnerships Managers
Role: Partnerships Managers

Responsibilities: Collect partner recommendations

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ROLE #4b: Partnerships 

Responsibilities: Gather partner recommendations

If your integrations owner from role #4 also has a business development component to their job where they are networking with your company's industry partners--they should also own this role of leaving recommendations for your partners and sending your recommendation request link to them.   To fill up your profile and earn max points for partner recommendations, you want to target 15 recommendations.

  • Recommended owner: Whoever has the strongest partner relationships and industry credibility...integrations manager with relationships, business development manager or company founder)

  • Time commitment: ~1 hour/year

✅ Partnerships Owner Checklist 

  • (One time) Reach out to your top partners and ask them to leave a recommendation  (30 mins)

  • (One time) Select 5 of your partners to cross promote for each of your products

  • (Quarterly) Leave recommendations for your top new partners to show your appreciation and encourage them to recommend you back (10 mins/quarter)

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