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Intro to Partner Recommendations
Intro to Partner Recommendations
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I. What is a partner recommendation?

We're constantly looking for new ways to generate deeper knowledge and insights for hoteliers to add more value and make it even easier to discover and adopt the best products to run and grow their hotel businesses.

And who knows about hotel tech products better than...vendors! Tech vendors have deep knowledge of the inner workings of their partners' products and companies, but they also get first hand unbiased feedback from their own clients about their partners making their expertise, knowledge and experience invaluable which is why HTR rolled out partner recommendations.

A partner recommendation is similar to a hotelier review but instead of only hoteliers being able to leave feedback about your products and services, now your vendor partners can too.

Vendors can now invite their partners to leave a recommendation for their product which gets added to their profile. Partner recommendations don't count as reviews but they are factored in as one of the quality signal bonus variables in the HT Score.

II. What are the reasons why a partner recommendation might get rejected?

Partner recommendations can get rejected for a few reasons. The majority of recommendations are rejected for one of 4 reasons:

  1. Partner doesn't click verification link in their email

  2. Partner doesn't demonstrate knowledge of product

  3. Partner has a direct financial interest in the success of the business (e.g. investor, reseller)

  4. Recommendation is left by a hotelier rather than a partner. Hotelier are not eligible for recommendations and must leave hotelier reviews.

III. How do I get recommendations from partners?

Its simple, just have your business development, integrations or C-suite team members send out your recommendation link to your partners and ask them to leave a recommendation (tip: leave them a recommendation first and they'll be more likely to give you one back!)

IV. Where will my recommendations show up on my profile?

When partner vendors leave you a recommendation, it will go through a similar verification flow to hotelier reviews. After 48-hours if the recommendation passes verification you will receive a notification email and the recommendation will appear on your profile.

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