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Role: Performance Marketers
Role: Performance Marketers

Responsibilities: Setup and optimize lead follow-up processes

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ROLE #5: Sales & lead gen owner

Responsibilities: Manage inbound leads

As the lead gen owner your job is to implement processes for accepting (or rejecting) leads, tracking leads and following up with leads.

✅ Performance Marketer Checklist 

  • (One time) Make sure you understand the types, of leads and how to optimize your followup (15 mins)

  • (One time) Make sure your lead notifications are turned on (5 mins)

  • (One time) Setup automatic lead forwarding into your CRM (1.5 hours)

  • (One time) Setup nurture flows to ensure that all leads are followed up with as quickly as possible (~1.5 hours)

  • (Weekly) Monitor new incoming leads and accept or reject them (5 mins/week)

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