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Role: Customer Success
Role: Customer Success

Responsibilities: Collect reviews

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ROLE #2: Customer Success

Responsibilities: Own review collection+HotelTechAwards

The automated review manager makes managing and collecting reviews super easy, but you'll want to have one member of your team who owns the process of setting up your review strategy and campaigns in the review manager meaning...How often do you run campaigns? When do you run campaigns? Do you offer an incentive? What is your target/goal for # of reviews each quarter? Which reviews will you respond to? When do you start your annual HotelTechAwards campaign? 

  • Recommended owner: customer success manager

  • Time commitment: 6-8 hours/year

✅ Review collector & awards manager checklist 

  • (One time) Set review collection goals and strategy (1.5 hours)

  • (One time) Set up 2x templates in the automated review manager (15 mins)

  • (One time) Add clients to the review manager (10 mins)

  • (Quarterly) Launch campaigns via the automated review manager (15 mins/quarter)

  • (Monthly) Respond to reviews as they come in (10 mins/mo)

  • (Yearly) Set strategy, communicate internally and monitor annual awards campaign progress (3 hours/year)

▶️ Helpful tutorials for review collection and awards owners 

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