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Enterprise Onboarding
Enterprise Onboarding

General Premium overview and how to optimize your presence and membership.

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If you're a large enterprise, you likely have a distributed team with each team member having unique siloed responsibilities that mean you may prefer to take more of a 'divide and conquer' approach to distribute small clear responsibilities to each respective team member rather than manage things like profiles, reviews, content and integrations yourself (note: lots of companies do have one person who manages everything so don't be discouraged if you want to).  

That said, if you feel overwhelmed or would prefer to kick back and delegate or you need buy in from multiple teams to manage pieces of your HTR account, the good news is that its super easy to manage but just takes a little planning upfront.

Step 1: Assign a point person/account owner who will own your presence

Usually this is a marketing manager or c-suite executive (depending on company size) who is focused on making sure you are maximizing your company's presence on HTR both for branding, reputation and sales enablement as well as inbound lead gen.

Step 2: Recruit owners for the core functions of your presence on Hotel Tech Report to divide them into small tasks for each owner

Your goal should be to assign individuals (not teams...) to the following specific roles with clearly defined responsibilities that are easy to set goals for, track and execute with minimal effort on the account owners part or the part of your team members.  

Next to each role is a link that says 'view the guide' which links to a guide for the respective role that contains an overview of the role as well as a checklist of that team members core responsibilities for you to send your recruit (also so you know who to recruit for the role and what they will be responsible for).

Step 3: Define clear responsibilities, goals and progress checkins

Once you have assigned owners to each of the key roles and have set their quarterly goals, all you have to do is set a quarterly checkin meeting to regroup and make sure they are staying on track.

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