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Off Platform Campaign Visibility
Off Platform Campaign Visibility
Updated over a week ago

IMPORTANT: Hotel Tech Report will not be able to answer any questions about review campaigns unless the campaign has been sent via the Automated Review Manager.

Vendors are welcome to run off-platform review campaigns (and we provide lots of helpful resources to do so) however please note that if you do, you must implement your own tracking system and Hotel Tech Report is not able to manually investigate any reviews from off platform campaigns.

The reason we aren't able to look up review campaigns sent off platform is that we don't have visibility into your systems and any information that we can share, is readily available in Review Manager where you can access it anytime you'd like.  Anything not in the Review Manager, we aren't able to share because it means either:

  1. They didn't leave a review: If you run your review campaign through the review manager you can see who didn't leave a review right in the review manager because they will appear in the 'ready for followup tab'

  2. They didn't finish their review: If a user starts leaving a review and doesn't press submit, the verification email won't be sent to them and their review is not completed or verified so they started but didn't finish and the review is not published.

  3. They explicitly opted to be anonymous:  In which case they won't appear in the review manager and we aren't able to share any information about the user or the review (we can't even say whether they left a review at all if they did so anonymously).  Hotel Tech Report is not able to share ANY information about reviews that have been left anonymously under any circumstances.

If you are looking for full open, click and completion tracking for review campaigns--please make sure to run them through the Automated Review Manager which has this functionality built in natively to the tool.



  1. What information CAN Hotel Tech Report help with when it comes to review campaigns? Hotel Tech Report can look into any questions about users who have been sent requests through the review manager via automated campaign or individual review request

  2. What information can Hotel Tech Report NOT PROVIDE? HTR cannot provide any information about campaigns, outreach or reviews unless they were run via the review manager.  We do not have visibility into these campaigns as they are run off platform so companies are required to setup their own tracking systems if you wish to gain additional visibility into your campaigns.

  3. Can you just help me this one time look up a review even though I didn't send the request through the review manager? Unfortunately we aren't able to look up any users not run through the review manager because if they aren't in the review manager, that means they either (a) didn't leave a review or (b) explicitly opted to be anonymous in which case we can't even let you know that they left a review per our user privacy policy

  4. Can you at least tell me if someone didn't leave a review? Unfortunately we can't. If we were to reveal which users haven't left reviews and which users have left reviews (not anonymously)--that would mean that we would by transitive property be revealing which users left anonymous reviews which we unfortunately just can't do.

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