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How to Report an Add-On Product Misrepresentation in the HotelTechAwards
How to Report an Add-On Product Misrepresentation in the HotelTechAwards
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On Hotel Tech Report any product that a company sells may be listed on the site. However, there are two types of products, Standalone vs. Add-Ons.

If a given product can only be purchased as an add-on along to/with a different core product, then this product profile MUST BE DESIGNATED AS AN ADD-ON--Add-On Products Update (11/15/2019) and may not register or compete in the annual HotelTechAwards as indicated on the registration site and help center.


🚫 Cannot be displayed in the default category view on HTR

🚫 Cannot receive matched leads

🚫 Cannot compete in and/or win in the HotelTechAwards

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What happens if a company has one of their products listed as a standalone product and has not accurately represented that is only available as an add-on?

While it is required that companies inform Hotel Tech Report as to add-on product designations so that these products can be listed as add-ons, in some cases companies may not know or may claim that their products are standalone instead of add-ons. If you notice a company on HTR listing an add-on as a standalone product, you may submit a report below to initiate a mystery shopper investigation.

If a reported product is found to not be able to be purchased a la carte by hoteliers, the product will be immediately designated as an add-on product and disqualified if participating in the HotelTechAwards and the company will be notified without exception.

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