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Sharing Your Brand Assets with Hotel Tech Report for Content & Advertising
Sharing Your Brand Assets with Hotel Tech Report for Content & Advertising
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When you partner with Hotel Tech Report for sponsored content or advertising, our goal is to do as much of the work for you as we can so you can focus on running your business. We also want to make sure that our content, advertising and general messaging about your products and services is consistent with your messaging.

To help us get to know your messaging and positioning better and ensure consistency we ask that all clients add brand assets, creative and sales collateral to your HTR shared assets folder (if you don't have one, please reach out to inquire).

  1. High resolution company logos: Ideally color, black and white and vector

  2. High res product screenshots: Please make sure to choose the 'sexiest' product screenshots you have to make your graphics and ads more enticing

  3. Product mockups or screenshots on devices: If you don't have any we can make some for you from your high res screenshots but if you do please add them to your shared drive

  4. Sales tear sheets: 1-2 page tear sheet or short slide deck you send to prospects following a sales call

  5. Sales deck: Sales deck that your team walks through on a sales call with prospects

  6. Existing ad creative: If you have any existing ad creative or marketing copy that you run campaigns we can keep in line with your existing creative. Also if there's anything thats performing particularly well for you let us know so we can gear HTR designed content, copy and graphic assets towards staying in line with what's working for you already

  7. Concept deck: If you have an investor deck or concept deck that you share with potential advisors that walks through the concept, customers, target market, goals, etc

Can't find your company's shared drive link? Reach out to request it via the live chat

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