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Hotel Tech Report™️ Brand Usage Guidelines
Hotel Tech Report™️ Brand Usage Guidelines
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Hotel Tech Report™️ Brand Usage & Proper Citation Guidelines

In order to reference the Hotel Tech Report brand in any sales, marketing or promotional materials you must follow the below guidelines: 

  1. Ranking references: You may only reference your current ranking on Hotel Tech Report as indicated on your profile for the specific product you are referencing and you must always cite the specific category that you are referencing (eg. #1 Channel Manager on Hotel Tech Report) exactly as the category is titled on Hotel Tech Report

  2. Link to the category page for proof: If you use your Hotel Tech Report ranking to market your product anywhere on the web (eg. email footers, landing pages, website, etc) you MUST ALWAYS link to the respective category page on Hotel Tech Report where it shows your ranking

  3. Graphics and branding: Any alteration of the Hotel Tech Report logo, branding or provided promotional assets must be approved by Hotel Tech Report prior to use

How do I report a violation?

Vendors may submit violation reports to Hotel Tech Report.  

Approved verbiage for real time rankings on Hotel Tech Report

If you are a HotelTechAward winner, please check out the separate citation guidelines here.  For referencing your live ranking on Hotel Tech Report: 

  • APPROVED: '#[X] Ranked [CATEGORY] on Hotel Tech Report' 

  • APPROVED: '#[X] Rated [CATEGORY] on Hotel Tech Report'

  • NOT APPROVED: '2020 Top Rated [CATEGORY] on Hotel Tech Report (to reference being top rated in a given year requires winning the HotelTechAwards for that given category)

Any references to live rankings on the site must link to the respective category page as a proof point so readers can easily identify the validity of the ranking.  Any references to live rankings without a proper link citation will receive a violation warning.

What happens if my company received a violation notice?

From the time you receive the notice, you will have 5-business days to (a) fix the issue and (b) provide proof that the issue has been resolved by replying to the initial violation message.  

What are the penalties if my company does not cure the violation?

  • Cured within 5-days (1st warning): No further penalties.  

  • Cured within 5-days (2nd warning): $500 fine

  • Cured within 5-days (3rd+ warning): $2,500 fine

  • No cure within 14-days: 2nd warning will be sent and company will be disqualified from the coming year's HotelTechAwards

  • No cure within 21-days: 3rd warning sent and company will lose access to promotional opportunities through Hotel Tech Report for 90-days including any promotional opportunities that have been pre-paid (including Premium Membership, sponsored content and advertising)

  • No cure within 30-days: After 30-days if the violating company has still not fixed the violation, legal action may be takes and additional fines incurrred at $250/day after 30-days.   

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