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Ad Campaign Graphic Design & Creative
Ad Campaign Graphic Design & Creative
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For ad campaigns run through HTR, clients can either provide their own creatives or enlist HTR to create them.

I. Process for Client Provided Campaign Assets

  1. STEP 1: Client to provide assets prior to campaign being run

    1. For retargeting and PPC campaigns, client to provide at least 4 versions that can be used to optimize the campaign

  2. STEP 2: HTR will provide feedback if we believe assets need adjustment to improve performance

II. Process for HTR Produced Campaign Assets

  1. STEP 1: Client to provide brand assets, styles and general direction

    1. While HTR can also work from scratch, clients may provide your own specific assets, styles and imagery prior to asset production along with any suggestions for creative direction (ie. specific value propositions, taglines, etc) for HTR to incorporate.

  2. STEP 2: HTR will produce your campaign assets within 7-14 business days (FREE/INCLUDED)

    1. One we have received any general ideas, guidelines and brand assets our graphic design and creative teams will work together to come up with 4-6 variants of your campaign creatives that will be used to optimize your campaign.

  3. STEP 3: Client to provide high level feedback

    1. Basic revisions/feedback (FREE/INCLUDED): Once the campaign assets are ready, they will be sent to you for review. Clients will be able to provide basic feedback and approval.

    2. Major changes ($200/hour): Major revisions, changes in direction or production of new campaign assets will be billed at $200/hour for coordination, communication and graphic design of revisions/changes. Client is always welcome avoid this by accepting HTR's produced assets or providing the necessary campaign assets

III. Creative Specs





  • URL: Target URL

  • TEXT: Text blurb/short description (optional)

  • IMAGE: 1200 x 627

  • Requires min of 4x different creatives to optimize campaign

  • If client does not provide 4 versions, HTR will produce necessary variants


  • IMAGE: 600 x 300

  • Subject line

  • Email title

  • Email text/paragraph

  • Email text/bullets (optional)

  • Target URL

  • CTA button text

  • Together with X (logo)

  • Together with X (paragraph pitch)

  • Together with X (CTA button text)

  • Together with X (CTA target URL)

PPC Campaign

  • Content cover image (4:5 image ratio)

  • Target URL for download page

  • Title

  • Description paragraph OR 4-6 summary bullet points (recommended)

  • PPC campaigns must be run to downloadable content asset

Newsletter Sponsorship

Placement #1: Sponsor logo

  • Logo file (ideally horizontal and color)

Placement 1: Article insert

  • Article URL

  • Share image

Placement #2: Together with X

  • Title

  • IMAGE: 600 x 250

  • Description/product pitch

  • Client may provide draft/direction for newsletter promotion but title and description must ultimately be edited/written in HTR's voice

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