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How to update old reviews with 1-click
How to update old reviews with 1-click

Step-by-step tutorial showing you how to use the 1-click review updating feature in the Premium Review Manager.

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One of the features of the Premium Review Manager is the ability to send 1-click review refresh requests allowing you to send clients a request where they can confirm that their review is still valid OR update its content. This feature is designed to help you:

  1. Save time: Get more recent and relevant content on your profile to appeal to buyers without having to reach back out to users who left a review in the past to leave an entirely new review

  2. Improve visibility: Make sure you earn full credit for review recency to boost your HT Score and ranking by having more recent reviews on your profiles to drive more visibility and leads

Step 1: Go to Old Reviews

Step 2: Click 'Request Update'

The user will be sent an update request email from Hotel Tech Report and the request will be logged in the activity log

Step 3: User Verifies

The user can either verify their review or update review content 

NOTE: Even though the email body content has a pre-filled template from one of HTR's founders, the actual email sender will be the same as other review requests sent through the review manager to have whoever on your team triggered the email with their first name and company to increase recognizability in their inbox and boost open rates and conversion.

Sender will show as:

[first name] @ [company] ([alias feedback email])


Bob @ Event Temple ([email protected])

Step 4: You Get Notified

You'll be notified that the review has been updated and the update will be reflected on your profiles and count towards improving your HotelTechScore

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