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How to earn the Certificate of Excellence badge
How to earn the Certificate of Excellence badge
Updated over a week ago

The Certificate of Excellence is a live on-site badge that appears on profiles and category pages to indicate to users products that have recent feedback on the platform and a reputation that is in good standing that meets certain minimum criteria (see below).

Vendors who meet the minimum criteria receive the certificate of excellence from Hotel Tech Report that can be used in sales and promotional materials to build trust with prospects.

How can my company qualify?

Once your company meets the minimum criteria, the badge on your profiles will instantly become activated and you will also be eligible for the website badge and conference booth badge (see image above).


How to check

Review count

15 verified reviews

80 (out of 100)

Likelihood to Recommend

80% recommended

Recent reviews (90-days)

5 recent reviews

Once my company qualifies, how do we get our badge?

Reach out via the 24/7 live chat on Hotel Tech Report to request your badge.  Eligible companies are granted free licensing of the certificate to leverage in their marketing and promotional materials as long as they maintain the minimum standards of the program.

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