About the Certificate of Excellence Program

The Certificate of Excellence program was created to recognize vendors who build products and services their customers love.  Vendors who meet the minimum criteria receive the certificate of excellence from Hotel Tech Report that can be used in sales and promotional materials to build trust with prospects.

How can my company qualify?

  • Must have >15 verified reviews (Need help getting more reviews? Learn more)

  • Must have at least 80% likelihood to recommend from customer ratings

  • Must have a HotelTechScore of 80 or greater

  • At least 5 verified recent reviews (in the last 90-days)

Once my company qualifies, how do we get our badge?

Reach out via the 24/7 live chat on Hotel Tech Report to request your badge.  Eligible companies are granted free licensing of the certificate to leverage in their marketing and promotional materials as long as they maintain the minimum standards of the program.

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